Dear Game, It's Over: Uncharted 2. An Apology.

Pete "SurplusGamer" writes:

"On January 10th, 2010 a column written by me was posted on Negative Gamer. The piece was entitled: 'Dear Game, It's Over: Uncharted 2,' part of a running series in which I 'break up' with games for a variety of reasons.

I have made a terrible, terrible mistake."

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WildArmed3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

dear diary part 2?

Someone read my diary and wrote me a letter o_O

Never the less, it's funny to read how the author reacts to a couple of forum posts/criticism he received on his previous article

SurplusGamer3407d ago

I guess if I had a point, it was to express surprise that people would go to lengths to defend the game against what was really quite a mildly critical piece. Well, except where I characterised the game as a 'charlatan,' I suppose.

WildArmed3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Yeah people do go to great lengths defending a game.
I just don't think you needed to respond to them.
It's kinda like how people b!tched about the killzone 2 review of X-play.. then they came out and wrote an article about it and made the issue worse.

Obviously Uncharted 2 wasn't everyone's game.. some people find it hard to believe *points to N4G* (I personally liked Demons Souls alot better).

It's hella more fun to watch the internet goto hell over one article, then be in the fight xD

StanLee3407d ago

That was funny as hell. Fanboys really do need to dial it down.

CadDad3407d ago

His point = web hits. I missed the first article, but I'm struggling to come up with a reason to write this one other than gaining more hits.

Of course some people will like a game more than others.
Of course some of the readers of his review will 'have' to respond in that manner.

Is this his first trip out on the interwebz?

I'd like my 5 mins back please!


InfectedDK3407d ago

Lol I only find it ironic, what he says..

morganfell3407d ago

Did we reallly need to hear from this moron again? It is hypocritical how he deigns to possess the right to criticize others yet takes issue when such commentary is levelled at his creation.

Am I defending Uncharted2? Yes, to a degree. The fact is there came a moment for Rembrandt and Picasso when they had to put down the brush regardless of how much they would have preferred to keep working. The results while not perfect nor to everyone's liking are nonetheless masterpieces.

All I hear from negative gamer are an assemblege of whiners, incapable of game development
themselves, bawling because they did not get their way.

Oldsnake0073407d ago

Dude seriously, who the fu*k approves such sh*t ??

DMason3407d ago

Something tells me that the backlash of fanboy criticism made him change his tune.

FamilyGuy3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I thought he was seriously apologizing because of the articles titles yet his apology was sarcastic through and through. This guy's a jerk.

It's fine to have opposing feelings/your own opinion about a game or to simply want it to do more but to be such a douche to people who read his piece and disagree is ridiculous. He's lucky to have any readers at all after such immaturity towards criticism.

What a hypocrite!

Redempteur3407d ago

what's the point ??
Critics just for the sake of it ?

NO game is immune to critics ( not even uncharted 2 )..but bashing just ...just because ..well it's really pathetic.
it might amuse some people but oh well i'll have forgot about this sh**ty escuse of a website in an hour or so ..

mxpxboy3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

"I guess if I had a point, it was to express surprise that people would go to lengths to defend the game against what was really quite a mildly critical piece. Well, except where I characterised the game as a 'charlatan,' I suppose."

So it surprises you that people would defend a game they love, but it's not supposed to surprise us that someone would write a critical article against a game that the majority of gamers love? Hmm, enjoy your 15 minutes, Sir.

KingME3407d ago

Hmmm, if someone is writing a review, I would at least think, that they played the game and "ACTUALLY" thought about what they did and didn't like about the game. I actually don't mind a person apologizing for a couple of mis-spellings or misquotes, but to apologize for your own opinion because it doesn't coincide with those of a couple of psyco readers is simply punkish.

I actually have less respect for you for not manning up to what you wrote, it's obviously how you felt unless you were just being a FANBOY when you wrote the piece in which case you should have apologize for that also.

Anyway, whatever.

InfectedDK3407d ago

He was joking... He still thinks Uncharted 2 pwns!

SnuggleBandit3407d ago

If you read the article you would be able to tell that it wasn't really an apology....he was basically being a smarta$$ in every single one of those points. What a douchebag.

Guido3407d ago

I thought you were a douche bag from the start so taking that into consideration, I simply considered the source and took it for what it was, pure, unadulterated dribble from the mouth of an idiot douche bag. So you see, you never let me down. I was expecting dribble like this and was not surprised by your silly criticisms of a great game like Uncharted 2. No dev can please everybody at one time, especially when it comes to douche bags that will fine tooth comb a game to find flaws then post up stupid stories bashing said game.

No harm no foul, right?

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Wheaty3407d ago

How dare the unwashed make critical comments of the golden!

redsquad3407d ago

Don't put your opinions out on a public platform if you don't want people to respond.

Wheaty3407d ago

I think "respond" and "go batshit insane" are two different things.

redsquad3407d ago

Hey, it's the 'internet'! If he was surprised by the responses then he's obviously new at this!

Wheaty3407d ago

You are correct in saying the internet often overreacts, but i dont think he was suprised by it, but rather he was entertained by it.

wardrox3407d ago

I don't think it's too much to expect that people don't leave remarkably stupid replies.

anh_duong3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

"While it lasted, I barely had time to catch my breath. But once I found it and looked back, all I could see was smoke and mirrors; it became so obvious when I tried going on a second date. I caught myself muttering under my breath: “Okay, now this ledge will crumble, I’ll fall down here. Then I’ll wait and that guard will walk over there, to meet those two other guys, and another will pass by to the right.” - negative gamer.

there are lots of reason why people got upset with your article. this is an example of one of them.

you also forget to mention that you can play the game in different ways. you can either go in all guns blazing or you can play via stealth (the first stealth mission was a training level for stealth gameplay). and the train level you can completely bypass many of the guards by just stealth a lone. there is choice to how you can complete the games in many parts which a lot of action games do not let you do.. there are a few levels where you can approach at different angles but of course from you comments it is quite clear you never tried... i doubt you played the game beyond very easy/easy dicculty since the harder difficulties often requires you to play the game differently..

and the smoke and mirrors comment.. well this is a stupid comment because the best parts of uncharted 2 were undoubtedly the set pieces.. you are complaining about the bits that gamers world over consider to be the best part of uncharted... the train, the truck, the bridge.. the most memorable part of the game you now complain as being all smoke and mirrors but at the same time ignore the sense of immersion they create

being a negative gamer doesn't absolve you of the ability to be FAIRLY critical.. here you are complaining about the things that people enjoy.. anyone can be critical - over anything.. hell an analogy i can even find fault in nelson mandela or mother theresa if i wanted too - but is it fair???

to be a real critic you need to have a sense of proportion and appreciate that much of your criticisms were leveled at what makes uncharted 2 great... i think you lost touch of reality in your desire to provoke.

there is being devils advocate and there is fishing for hits - most people who read your article would undoubtedly agree with me that you were fishing for hits..

onanie3407d ago

It would seem that he is just looking for reasons to write a contrarian article. For attention, perhaps, as they always do.

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ForROME3407d ago

Well my deal with Uncharted GOW3, is it is really a one stop PONY

I loved UC2 in fact I didnt understand the hype, played it and went holly crap that was epic.

WIth that beind said I feel that SONYs problem is in there ability to get the social aspect of gaming down better

They make great games, however most of them are a 1-2 two times play through and its kinda it. UC2 Online while nice got old fast.

They need more heavy social, KZ2 like games, more games that push community using Mics and such etc.

CadDad3407d ago

@ ForRome

I could argue that your point is in fact a strength of Sony's and one of the reasons they've been so successful over the years.

While the use of mics and online games are good at times, the majority of console gamers, myself included, want to play lots of different games, not the same one over and over for years. I want games that blast my senses and leave me breathless, but also have a real ending so I can play something else only to get blasted again!

Love the Avatar btw, My wife and I blast through that series at least once a year.


kingme713407d ago

It's hip to go against the grain in this industry to garner web hits. Saying ME2 sucks or Uncharted 2 is bad or giving a game that gets universal acclaim a bad score to stand out from the countless blogs and game sites is a tactic alot of sites use. Then to keep the 5 minutes going longer, you can come back and complain about how the fanboys got all worked up and argue a while until your next article comes along to start the cycle all over again. You can also say a bad game is great, however that doesn't get nearly the attention.

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