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MAG is an almost impossible videogame to review, simply because almost everything that is memorable and cherishable about it is down to the hard work of you, your teammates, and the silent mass of your opposition.

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blitz06233402d ago

I agree with his point on almost impossible to review. Personally, since it's online only, it will go down to the user's experience with his squad and overall team. It could go either way.

ryuzu3402d ago

That's been true of almost every MP FPS though.

I remember those long minutes spent watching a sniper-camping de_dust while the T's casually plant the bomb.... There's always someone who doesn't get it.

But, at least in MAG's case, if you're that person - you're the one having no fun since you'll be the one who can't level, gets killed a lot by guy with better kit, and ultimately goes away.


VileAndVicious3402d ago

LOL well I certainly dont think you can review a game like MAG in 15 hours

mrv3213402d ago

Nor can I. I find it funny how reviewers managed to review the game PRIOR to the public servers going online and manage to play enough of the game to write a review about it.

It would like be reviewing Star Trek Online first hour OF BETA.

Let it lauch, Play for a week. Write your opinions and DON'T give a score.

How do scores work when their such variety in games, gameplay and user experience.

Al803402d ago

15 hours seems pretty solid for a game that has no ending

Dnied3402d ago

brilliant overview imo.

Finally someone who "gets it"

He couldn't be more right when he says "impossible to review" and things like "camaraderie" definitely create some memorable moments. SVER is crazy so far after every win almost everyone starts shooting bullets into the air etc. You get to know people on your PMC throughout many many games its actually kinda cool.

GVON3402d ago

Thats what I took from the open beta,every other member of Raven was a clan member,we fought for each other in that game,and overall for everyone else in the faction.There were a good 25 thousand players all the time,and there was a cracking fight between us a Sver for the communication contract.
Knowing thousands of us were fighting for it,and seeing a contract tug of war ever time I played was great feeling,I was worried no reviews were coming out,I expected solid 8's but i'm happy,and i'll get the game delivered on friday.

Lou Ferrigno3402d ago

ddayum,its about time.. what a SOLID review guys.. now THIS is how its supost to be done.. they said it like it should be,its almost impossible to review MAG ,ESPECIALLY with a SCORE..

i think imo MAG and ALL online only games should be reviewed without a score and at least let the users review it from their personal experience.

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The story is too old to be commented.