Battlefield 1943 premium DLC coming, possible sequel

Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Executive Producer for the Battlefield series, has told OXM that premium DLC for Battlefield 1943 is in the works.

OXM asked Troedsson about the possibility of a sequel to last year's Xbox Live Arcade hit, Battlefield 1943.

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Majors3403d ago

They could have released a new map every week or two from launch and made a killing from it. A new map for £1.50 - £2.00 and they would have sold bucket loads.. I still play this game from time to time, but the maps available were starting to bore me so not so often now.
Otherwise this is great news to get the game back up and running in our systems again.

Typical-Guy3403d ago

What a bad timing! who wants to play this when BFBC2 is coming out soon.

PimplePopperMD3403d ago

They should fix the sound effects and matchmaking first.

The game cant seem to mix more than four sound effects at a time.