9.6 : MAG Review

Bone-idle writes "The king is dead, long live the king. Forget everything you thought you knew about console first person shooters. It is now worthless. The guys at Zipper have just blown them all out of the water and MAG will change the face of multiplayer online shooters forever.

Unlike many other sites we waited until we got to play the full game before publishing anything. This did involve getting up at 6am so i would be at work for the 7am server launch but for once i didnt mind coming in early. Although to be fair a lot of our opinions had been formed over the months of play during the BETA testing phase. For the credibility of the site we needed to wait to have a good blast off the full working title to have them confirmed. If anything playing the full game has improved our opinion everything has improved. The game finds players alot quicker, it runs very smoothly, and the graphics have been improved opon. While none are major changes, what they have done is polished off the product and Zipper have taken into account what the community wants. It must also be stated that this is an early opinion piece as the game will take weeks of playing to fully experience everything (but by that time no one will want to read reviews).

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callahan093284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Wow, higher than Killzone 2 (94) and they were pretty tough on InFamous (70). Only score on their site that I could find that was higher is Uncharted 2 (99.99). Sounds like they really enjoy MAG.

Edit: What's with the disagree? I'm just stating facts, here.

ryuzu3284d ago

While it's clearly a bit of labor of love, at least this guy takes a stab at a proper review for people who've never seen MAG, rather than assume everyone has played the beta and the reviewer just rants for a page or two.

Still, I think that score is too high - this isn't a game for everyone.


OGharryjoysticks3284d ago

It just has to be great at what it is...and it is.

DMason3284d ago

Never even heard of this site. Seems like it was thrown together overnight. The only reviews done on this site are from major games, and there's only reviews of multiplats and PS3 exclusives. The author doesnt seem to realize that the servers were up yesterday, judging by the way he discredits other gaming journalists. I'm going to take this review with a grain of salt, because a near perfect score seems a bit too much for a game like this.

callahan093284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Overnight? There's like 40 reviews on there.

Not to mention that a quick search on N4G reveals that articles have been submitted from this website for the past year.

It's not a mainstream enough or prolific enough site to be MetaCritic worthy, but it's as legit a site for N4G reviews as any other I've seen get approved.

SoapShoes3284d ago

So you're going to take this review with a grain of salt for discrediting other sites, yet you discredit this review because of the score? Hmmm, contradict much?

BoneIdle3284d ago

Far from thrown together overnight but it is a small independent site. So it gets little or no support from publishers (ie buys its own games instead of getting freebies) so not every game released can be reviewed. But it does give a fairer review for the customer who also has to spend their own hard earned money on the games.

raztad3284d ago

People talking about "a game like this" needs to play the game first or better yet STFU. No every game needs to be like COD to be good, even if it's "niche" like Demons Souls.

This is priceless:

"Over all MAG has changed my view of online shooters I have since tried to go back to Modern Warfare 2 but it all seems a bit unrealistic and somewhat childish now. I couldn’t get to grips with no one working together, people being able to run around like headless chickens without getting shot, and using poor tactics seems to get rewarded rather than punished. MAG is aimed at the older gamer. It’s the thinking mans shooter and that suits me. It was an ambitious plan when they set out making MAG but credit where its due they have pulled it off."

I do agree with most of that statement.

WildArmed3284d ago

aye. The concept of no lone wolfing took me awhile to get during the beta phase.
But once you have a good squad going, and you set your team obectives (destroy enemy AA etc etc) The game just really kicks it up a notch.
The game isn't meant to replace the CoD franchise, but establish a new type of FPS gamings

tiamat53284d ago

Oh No!!!! MAG is a good game too!!!! Grrrrrroannnnnn!!! My poor wallet. Sigh. I guess I can go on a diet and pay bills another time. MAG is just what I thought it would be. A gzme from serious hardcore gamers.Not for the simple minded or the weak