Gamervision: Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect was a flawed masterpiece. BioWare, obviously tired of dealing with the restrictions of the Star Wars franchise, launched their own space opera, complete with a universe as well thought-out as Lucas' own. The attempt at truly uniting a third-person shooter system with a deep RPG story was, for the most part, a success, though some issues bleed through. Running on the Unreal Engine in 2007 meant awkwardly long loading times and some of the most obnoxious texture pops ever seen in gaming, and the combat, while ambitious, fell short, leaving gamers looking for a polished shooter experience high and dry. These problems didn't get in the way of Mass Effect's brilliance, and the promise of a sequel that would not only fix the issues, but carry over players' characters from the first game was an alluring proposition, and helped justify seeing the journey through to an end.

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dominicm3407d ago

Hot damn I need this game! Funny how I expect it to be GOTY 2010 already. I obviously haven't played it yet, and I am just some guy on the internet, but I just loved the first one so much.