Mass Effect Game Seems Highly Likely To Drop On PS3

Analoghype: "During our discussion, the infamous question rose about the future of the Mass Effect series, as it has been the subject of much speculation ever since it's release."

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DarkTower8053403d ago

As much as I'd welcome ME to my PS3, I don't see this happening. ME is a 360 exclusive and people need to deal with it.


dead rising , saints row ...should I contuie

Pennywise3403d ago

I've been saying that about Bioshock and Ninja Gaiden 2... Why do people get these ideas in their head?

raztad3403d ago

ME is not even a xbox exclusive. Game is multiplat and can be played on PC. EA is a exclusively multiplatform company, so I wouldnt be surrised if game finds its way to the PS3 sooner o later.

DarkTower8053403d ago

were all released on the PS3 in the 1st or 2nd installments. Mass Effect is already heading towards it's 3rd installment with nothing on the PS3. Isn't apparent that if anything it won't come to the PS3 until waay after ME3 hits the 360?

ryuzu3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The sad thing is this is a game I'd probably prefer on console if for no other reason than you can sell it used (SP game = short lived).

But I won't get it for 360 - just too much risk the thing will explode so I try and save that for real exclusives (not that it's getting much use as a result lol).

In the meantime I've got this ready for DL on my PC but I have to say, if a PS3 version is released and it's better like Dragon Age and they throw in some goodies too - well I'd be tempted.

Of course that's how I feel now - but probably like ME1 - I'll complete it and move on. They're good games but ultimately offer not much replay value.


Akagi3402d ago

ME for 360 is a CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE, or are you forgetting PC?

mikeslemonade3402d ago

Mass Effect Sigma 2. But Mass Effect should stay exclusive because exclusives are just better quality than multiplatform.

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Demons Souls3402d ago

Except Mass Effect isn't exclusive.

Noctis Aftermath3402d ago

They need to release ME3 on ps3 same time as pc/xbox and also me/me2 on a single blu-ray disc before me3 otherwise the franchise will not sell very well on the PS3, if they wait a year after ME3 is released then there is no point in releasing on the ps3 at all and they will have lost their chance to make more money.

Guido3402d ago

I think of games like Demon's Souls or Uncharted, you know, games you can only play on a single platform - the PS3. When I think of exclusive to 360, it immediately comes to mind that I can get it for the PC. In any case, the PC is the better choice for me since it was just this summer that I sank a good deal of money into my gaming PC and at the moment, my gaming PC has never experienced RROD whereas my 360 has done so 5 times.

Reliability is a factor for me when playing RPG's.

Darkeyes3402d ago

I am getting the PC version this Saturday :) Loved the first one and will love the 2nd as well.

As far as this showing up on PS3, I think it will happen eventually. I expect some announcement at E3. If we don't hear anything by then, then it's probably better to leave the hope since then only chance of it coming on PS3 will be after the Third part is out which will be like 2 more years... No one will care about it by then.

I hope PS3 gamers get a chance to play this game.. It's awesome really.

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IaMs123402d ago

Well it maybe a timed exculsive contract, but the real question is how long? The trilogy maybe just for the 360 for so and so long, it might be so long that it would be pointless to bring it to the PS3 when its up, or it might be 6 months or so. We dont know. I also believe them when they say they dont know either because quite frankly they could just be working on the 360 and PC products and not given much time into the PS3. Ive had similar instances in everyday life, and the decisions are made on their own. I think if its going to happen its just going to happen, whether Bioware knows it or not. You kind of understand what im getting at?

FACTUAL evidence3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

need to accept the fact that Mass Effect isn't going to the ps3. Get it on your "Oh so godly" gaming pc's, or get a 360. That's a simpler solution....I honestly couldn't wait a year or more to play an outstanding game. You're only going to hurt yourself in the long run waiting for this rumor...

Mike134nl3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Microsoft has a paid contract with Bioware, even though EA bought Bioware doesn't mean the contract is invalidated.

The rumors of this game going to ps3 makes it even more unlikely since only thing Microsoft needs to due is sue or give Bioware some money, hell they might just as well buy EA (also rumored to happen a few weeks ago).

UnwanteDreamz3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

So we should ignore the fact that people like yourself are constantly proved wrong by game companies? I have seen people like you say Bioshock, Saints Row, GTA, would remain exclusive just to see these companies choose a payday over some preceived, nonexistant, loyalty to a brand.

Oh and why should a PS3 only owner buy an XBox for this 1 game?

baum3402d ago

Devil May Cry 3 and 4 hit the 360 without 2 or 1 hitting Xbox platforms, smart guy.

Crimsonite3402d ago

i would like to have me1 and 2 for my ps3.I just dont have the room for 2 systems so I hope it does come to the ps3. I did love dragon age so Im sure I would love mass effect

Guido3402d ago

because they are still pissed they didn't get to play MGS4 ont he 360. It's just to evident. Besides, ME2 is not even a real exclusive since it is a PC release. It makes me wonder how pissed off the PC folks get here when they see the 360 fanboys claiming all of their games for themselves and not crediting the PC community with anything...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3402d ago

Mass Effect is a Microsoft exclusive for Games 4 Windows and Xbox 360. The trilogy will stay exclusive we'll have to wait until next gen to find out if it goes to the Playstation. Until then buy a 360 or a PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 if you want to play the Mass Effect series.

darthv723402d ago

get it on the pc if you despise the 360 so much. I gave up wanting mgs4 to come to 360 when i finally got a ps3.

no harm no foul and no games left behind being a multi console player.

FACTUAL evidence3402d ago

I never said you had to get a 360 JUST for mass effect. You can be a fanboy and still own all consoles. And how many times have people like you been proven wrong with games coming to another platform? L4D, ME1...list goes on.

lowcarb3402d ago

I don't see why every 360 game has to go to PS3 and every 360 topic has to be on every PS3 fanboys mind. This is the year of 360 so PS3 fanboys need to vanish for 12 months and wait for there 1 big exclusive game GOW3.

mynd3402d ago

Matt Atwood at BioWare just contacted us to clarify his statements from earlier today regarding Mass Effect 2's exclusivity to Xbox 360 and PC. He says, "It [exclusivity] actually does exist for Mass Effect 2. And beyond that, we haven't announced any plans." -July 2009

So yo might see Mass Effect 3, or even the whole trilogy "Mass Effect Colleciton", but you will never see ME 1 or ME 2 as individual titles.

So your going to have to wait till all 3 are out at the very least to find out.

andron3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

With the long PS3 life, a Mass Effect triology edition for PS3, released after the 3rd game is out, seems very likely.

Anyone claiming it's impossible are more clearly either unwilling to face the earlier precedents and happening, or a MS fanboy in my opinion...

dragunrising3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

The question is "why" port the game to PS3? If the game sells well enough on 360 and PC there really isn't sufficient argument other than greed. It is argued time and time again that EA doesn't release "exclusives." Mass Effect 1 and 2 aren't exclusives... The point is moot. Its already on two platforms. If you want to play it, buy it for one or the other.

People argue that Bioware knows the PS3...since when? The console ports were developed by the developer Edge of Reality NOT Bioware. If Dragon Age is indication of how well Bioware knows the PS3 then I'm not sure we're on the same page. The console ports are no where close to looking like the PC version. This game doesn't give any merit to Bioware PS3 development aptitude. Once again- Dragon Age 360/PS3 were NOT developed by Bioware.

Consider this: Mass Effect was started as an Xbox/PC franchise. Bioware was bought but their intentions for a trilogy and scope of the project have not changed. If you are a fan of the series you might have checked out the developer interviews. Bioware always talks about the continuity of the series and the importance of the characters decisions from game to game. Additionally, Bioware is much more independent than EA's other studios. Why? They have no trouble making money with current management. I could go on and on why a PS3 port isn't being considered...

Money for one. How many copies did the once exclusive Bioshock sell on PS3? How about Lost Planet? Even Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 sold less than its vanilla 360 counterpart. The fact of the matter is that formerly exclusive games to the 360/PC do NOT sell very well on the PS3. Why invest in a product in which there is a less likely chance of profit?

Mass Effect 2 started as a 360/PC project and more than likely will stay as one. Also PS3 only owners are always telling me how many exclusives they have...How about you buy them, starting with MAG?

As a side note, I don't pretend to be sugar coat my opinions on this site. How about a rebuttal? Games are supposed to be fun, don't get mad :-p

LONEWOLF2313402d ago

Demons Souls

Ahhh yes it is exclusive to all MICROSOFT systems!
IF its running on Microsoft software its exclusive to Microsoft be it PC or console!
OR was there a Sony PS3 version or Linux version or hell was there a MAC version that got released and i dint even know about it???????

hazardman3402d ago

to Microsofts Xbox360 console!!! P.C. is not considered a console..

himdeel3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

...I'd prefer MA game on PS3 sooner than later. Personal case and point, I got Bioshock last year around November and just can't push myself to complete it. True the atmosphere is cool and I did enjoy the game, I really think I missed the true window of interest for me with that game.

Every game has a set window of interest to capitalize on hype and interest. I'd like the window to be opened this year or at least the possibility to be announced this year.

I do hope to hear something about the MA franchise while there's still a lot of interest in the game. I'm reminded of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2...

Pebz3402d ago

To me, taking into account the original statements;

"So we asked BioWare's Matt Atwood directly about the possibility of the game coming to PS3, to which he responded, "We've only announced 360 and PC. At this point we're really focused on those platforms."

We understand, Matt, but what about the intellectual property itself? Does EA own the Mass Effect name? "Yes. EA owns the rights to Mass Effect." And so, as far as exclusivity between Mass Effect and Microsoft, that doesn't exist? "That's right," he told us."

it sort of sounds like Matt Atwood was contacted by someone's lawyers reminding him of timed exclusivity. Or perhaps it is as you say. Either way, I would not take such official statements too seriously, they practically say nothing one way or the other to avoid any potential legal consequences.

ShadowCK3402d ago

BioWare and Microsoft made a contract for the exclusivity of Mass Effect. EA brought this and must honor the contract, Mass Effect will never be on PS3.

Persistantthug3402d ago

Over the Summer, before E3 I would have sworn up and down that Mass Effect 2 was going to be on the PS3, but now that ME2 is here, it's obvious that MS has purchased the rights to this game from Bioshock and probably before EA took control. So while EA probably does want it on PS3, contractual obligations are keeping them from doing so.

At some point, even if it were to come (late now), it will probably not do significantly better than Bioshock 1.

So essentially, for EA, there really is little point.

That is all unfortunate for a PS3 only owner like myself, but such is life.

jivah3402d ago

back at da EA Naughty or Nice event i had a chance to talk 2 a couple people..and one of the questions i asked were when will u guys be able talk about da ps3 version and da guy i was talkin 2 had a looked at sumbody next 2 him n sed uhh uhhh i cant talk bout dat

soo i say theres a big chance at it happenin

btw im not part od press..i was there as a cameraman..i told da pr people mayb idk

IaMs123402d ago

There is a difference between loyalty, in which the Sony crowds relied on in terms failed except for a great few exclusives. (Mind you thats sequels not new IP), and contract.

N4BmpS3402d ago

Hm if ME2 comes to the PS3(Most likely it won't don't get your hopes up) It might have the Bioshock effect. @ 1.18 DMC 3 wasn't on XBOX it was on PC(MICROSOFT but still)

pixelsword3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

...If I don't need X console to play Y game then the game isn't exclusive, period.

Deal with it.

No one calls games "console exclusive" unless they are trying to divert the fact that it can also be played without buying the console they are trying to advertise for.

solidt123402d ago

You mean PC and 360. Not 360 exclusive.

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Lucreto3403d ago

There are a number of indications towards it going to the PS3.
1. The Australian EA site putting it under the PS3 page
2. Russian EA doing the same.
3. Polish convention saying it might appear and denied he said that.
4. Bioware putting off answering the question for months
5. OPM rumour section saying it is in talks.
6. Pachter saying it will appear
7. Geoff Keighley saying it might.
8. Mass Effect 1 box art on Gametrailers has PS3 logo.
9. Bioware's Adrien Cho talked about the possibility of Mass Effect 2 coming out for the PS3.

I will be getting Mass Effect 2 later in the year on PC. I would prefer it on PS3 so I will wait. It is too close to Final Fantasy XIII, WKC and Bioshock 2.

I hope ME 1 comes first with all the dlc and ME2 sometime next year.

Baba19063402d ago

i think that they are only trying to hype the game. its all about making us believe it will come, and then letting us fall. till there istn any real information about this i wont believe it.

blu_yu_away3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Many of those are people's opinions, PR talk, or could be simple mistakes. I wouldn't get my hopes up until we get some real substantial info from the rumor mill. Such as a developer being attached to port the game, or confirmations from current or ex Bioware employees themselves that a port is in development.

pixelsword3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

...if they put both versions on one disc, and fix those load errors and other stuff from the first one.

Other than that, it's not worth it. I hope ME2 isn't that bad, 'cause I'm leaning on buying both ME2 and MAG this weekend.

How that first ME got high scores graphically with so much loading, tearing, low-framerate, and pop-ins in some sections is beyond me.

ClownBelt3402d ago

I think they will finish the trilogy first then port it all out on the PS3 with tons of extra free content enough to make another game

WildArmed3402d ago

It'd be kewl if they had the trilogy on 1 bluray.. but it's unrealistic for them.
(3 games for 60 bucks.. now way)

blitz06233402d ago

Translation: Bots are highly likely to get owned

rawd3402d ago

I got my hahahahahahahah ready for the day it's announced.

It goes like this, hahahahahahahah

Chubear3402d ago

The tears will be hot with this one. :)

NYC_Gamer3402d ago

well EA owns the rights so it could hit the ps3...