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Gamervision says, "When I got a look at Trauma Team last month, I was shown two of the game's six specialties, endoscopy and orthopedics. I was also told about the forensics specialty, which seemed like it would be the biggest departure from the Trauma Center series as far as gameplay goes. Described as similar to a point-and-click adventure, forensics is the specialty of the only Trauma Center character making an appearance in Trauma Team, Naomi Kimishima. Yesterday I was treated to another look at Trauma Team, this time watching as Atlus PR guru Aram Jabbari went through an entire forensics mission. Though it's more comparable to Phoenix Wright than Day of the Tentacle, this portion of Trauma Team is an interesting addition that will infuse some variety into the game."

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dominicm3190d ago

This seems neat, the game is looking pretty fun.