Free Lil' Bush and more on the Marketplace

It's another beautiful Summer day featuring free TV episodes and a music download off the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Just what exactly is free this week? Well, let's pull out our shovels and dig through the Marketplace to find out. Free for download is the premiere episode of Comedy Central's new series "Lil' Bush" as well as episodes one and two of CBS's "Clark and Michael".

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JPomper4797d ago

Let me go ahead and download an episode of Lil' Bush.

Wait, I'd much rather give myself 200 papercuts with sheets made out of salt. Then I'll take a nice refreshing bath in freshly squeezed lemon juice while using the time it WOULD take to download the free episode to instead stream a video of my mom and grandmother lezzing out that I stumbled across on the internet, complete with buffer times so I can get a nice freeze frame every 10 seconds.

Alymon4797d ago

When you're done with the video of your mom and grandmom can you forward it to me?

JPomper4797d ago

Yeah man, no problem. I have Download Embedded for Firefox.