IncGamers: MAG Review

IncGamers' Richard Walker takes to the battlefield in Zipper's much-discussed 256 player online shooter.

From the review:

"While MAG mostly succeeds in delivering quantity, the level of quality is another issue entirely. From a gameplay standpoint, it appears that Zipper Interactive have been playing a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company, since some of the objectives and controls have been liberally borrowed from DICE's lauded multiplayer shooter, it seems. No bad thing, surely? Indeed, this isn't MAG's biggest problem – the troubles really emerge when you're trying to communicate and co-ordinate tasks with the other members of your team."

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Fyzzu3403d ago

Sounds alright, but not something I'm going to rush out and buy. A bit disappointing :|

AndyA3403d ago

I tried the beta and didn't get on with it at all. The shooting mechanics just don't feel right to me, it looks a bit ropey in places and it was utterly chaotic with zero communication. With the right group of players this could be something special but I was disappointed.

ryuzu3403d ago

I preferred :
"MAG's clunky gear selection coupled with that dodgy communication issue almost makes for a game-breaking combination, but the solid and robust FPS action shines through and rescues MAG from being marred by these irritations. Zipper should be congratulated for looking beyond the success of the SOCOM franchise to craft a supremely slick and intuitive FPS that's as overtly ambitious as MAG."

At least this talks about things that MAG really does have problems with.

Although even in this review they claim no offline modes at all when Zipper have provided offline training which was present as a selectable option but locked during beta.

Again, have I missed something or is it just that the reviewers aren't actually reviewing?


Leord3403d ago

An 8 is what it deserves, I agree.

Maticus3403d ago

I must admit, it looks pretty nice. Although, the controls sound a bit hellish.

AndyA3403d ago

Doesn't look nearly as good in motion as it does in the screens IMO.

ryuzu3403d ago

Those screenies are taken from the release version - it's been patched to improve lighting.

Having said that, what screens there are in that review look pretty similar to what I was seeing on my setup...


The_Perverted_Ninja3403d ago

I'm not sure why you guys are let down by the game getting an 8... I thought it would be getting a 5 or 6 by most people.

AndyA3403d ago

I know, it's not like eight is a bad score. Although on a day in which Mass Effect 2 is scoring high nines and tens, it's a little underwhelming.

Fyzzu3403d ago

True that. I think it's a really good day for people with multiple consoles, but then I also think that MAG is going to start off an ultra-defensive flamewar considering the ME2 launch.

Maticus3403d ago

Yeah I'm actually impressed on the whole, and 8 is well above average for most games.