PS3 Hacked: Digital Foundry Analysis

News over the weekend that iPhone hacker George Hotz has "hacked the PS3" has been met with shock, surprise and incredulity. Sony's console is undisputedly the most secure games machine ever made, yet Hotz claims to have achieved a full hack in just five weeks. PS3's security fail is generating incredible interest both inside and outside of the games industry, to the point where an interview he gave to the BBC became the most popular news story on the site last night.
However, despite the level of publicity, it remains unclear what the ramifications of the hack actually are: whether homebrew coding can actually be enabled, whether the deliberately hobbled implementation of Linux can be improved and - crucially - whether Hotz's work will open the door to piracy. It is interesting to note that despite the many claims, right now there has been no "hello world" homebrew code executed that typically demonstrates that the hacker actually has full control over the system.

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Chris3994251d ago

From the hacker's mouth. And he intimates that PS2 implementation is being made available for the exploit, so it's obviously on older (20/60 or partial 40/80 gig) models.

I call shenanigans on this "hacker". And I'm getting really sick of these articles. If it's some lame exploit that requires a legacy model PS3 and an unknown, likely obscure, configuration of hardware and software, I really don't see what all the fuss is about.

Let him hack OLD PS3s. It's about 1/4 of the userbase tops and probably won't work on anything without full or partial backward's compatibility. All this, of course, assuming that what Geobot (or whatever) says is true. But seeing as not one line of working assembly code has been shown, I'm skeptical at best. Digital Foundry sounded like they knew they were being spoon-fed b.s. as well.

lociefer4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

lol the ps3 sounds like a spaceship from the inside

Perkel4250d ago

multi lvl secure system on almost all parts more like.

And for the best part any BD copy of ps3 game is useless even if ps3 can be hacked. They still not cracked PS3BDroms and drive...

maybe for 3-4 years system will be cracked...

tdrules4250d ago

whats the difference between bluray films and bluray games?
because bluray films have been hacked for a long time i was wondering why its taken so long for the latter