XBLR ver 46.0, the Gamer's Xbox 360 Podcast

Another Tuesday is upon us. This week we(XBL Radio) cover:


-Uwe Bowl tries to legit his Director's Chair.

-Stan Lee and Disney. The House of Mouse gets Super Sized.

-Earth Friendly Games? This is no Earth Defense Force.


-The Cold War gets a Hot new Game.

-Its Raining Vampires. Not the disco song but the newest FPS shooter with Vampires.

-Halo 2, it's not just for Vista anymore. Or is it?


-WAR TECH: TOG plays this "mech" fighter port with subtitles on.

-HALO 2 Vista: Grab that mouse and get that Sniper Achievement on LIVE.

-KID PIX: SHREK the Third: Alexander is an "All Star" as he helps Shrek though this tie-in.

-FORZA 2: Sure you can customize it. But can you drive it? Tog and Carpal take it for a Spin.


-The Marketplace Minute: Steve stands in for Gui J and tells us what's new on the Marketplace.

-360 FriendSpot "SPOT": Squidpunch tells us what's tops on the SPOT.

-Console Crimes.

-Useless Tips.

All this and Rocking Outtakes on XBL Radio ver 46.0

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