Awkward Moments in Storytelling: Dragon Age

Kombo: Even as early as the cinematic cut scenes in the original Ninja Gaiden, game designers have been adding drama and style to their creations to varying degrees of success. Final Fantasy lays claim to hallmark moments like Celes' opera and Aeris' sudden death, while Resident Evil created a less intentionally memorable moment with the Jill Sandwich. Sometimes, though, an attempt to create drama and weight to a story can fall flat on its face.

I recently finished Dragon Age, our choice for RPG of the Year here at Kombo, and there was one particular moment that just didn't work. It really had no effect on the majority of the game, but it's a good example of a scene that could've used more testing before being released to the world.

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RadientFlux3191d ago

I felt the same way during the singing sequence. The song was excellent but it never felt that Leliana was singing.

It would have actually been better if they played the song and didn't try to make it look like Leliana was singing.

potedude3191d ago

Who cares, I just spent all my time trying to faux shag her...

Saryk3191d ago

When someone tells me that something is ugly , boring, etc. It is their opinion that I am hearing. And this article is no different and it is nitpicking, nothing more. Dragon Age is an awesome game, yes there are some quirks. But until the holodeck is a reality in my home. All games will have these quirks.

Maticus3191d ago

I must agree that the scene in question did feel a bit naff compared to the rest of the story-telling moments of the game. The animations do sometimes tend to make the characters look awful when they're meant to be seen as attractive.

However, that's about the only bad thing I can say about the game, which isn't half bad.