PSLS: MAG Day One Patch v1.01 Detailed

Jeremy Dunham over at the Official M.A.G. Blog has been kind enough to give us the lowdown on the patch that will be hitting all you potential M.A.G. players on day one.

According to Dunham, this patch will be packed with changes that will make the game much more enjoyable, completely separating it from its former beta 5.0 build. In addition to the obvious fact that more maps and features will be available, this new patch will include the following...

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WildArmed3403d ago

Nice patch!
Zipper just isn't going to stop improving MAG just because the beta ended =p

mario8883402d ago

Haters will hate but MAG grows on you the more you play it and rank up.

mastiffchild3402d ago

Oh those haters are revelling in the sites stupid enough to review a game as inventive as MAG as a finished product at or before release when it's success is ENTIRELY about the people who will make it's community. And with these people likely to be SOCOM and Warhawk and TF2 gamers I think it's still got a massiv chance at being a great suxccess(though never a COD sales machine as most gamers don't want a learning curve or to worry about their team or tactics so it was always niche which so many haters also forgot, for some reason!).

Zpper, imo, will get it right and I feel the few times during the beta when I finally got a good squad with good leaders were better than anything else 've played in muultiplayer as a team. On those occasions MAG truly shone, imo, and it was all the evidence I needed to finally get excitred about it all!

Gonna be good very soon and continue improving to the point where, I think, those sites willing to hold their reviews for a few weeks will have very different results to those who reviewed it totally blind before release. Idiots.