Bioshock 2 drops activation limits for... activation limits

2KGames: Over the past two days, I've fielded a lot of questions and concerns about the DRM for both the retail and digital versions of BioShock 2. Because of this feedback, we are scaling back BioShock 2's DRM.
There will be no SecuROM install limits for either the retail or digital editions of BioShock 2, and SecuROM will be used only to verify the game's executable and check the date. Beyond that, we are only using standard Games for Windows Live non-SSA guidelines, which, per Microsoft, comes with 15 activations (after that, you can reset them with a call to Microsoft.)

What does that mean for your gameplay experience?

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Charmers3402d ago

"What does that mean for your gameplay experience?"

It means I aint getting it, any game that uses GFWL will not see a penny of my money. This service needs to die and the sooner PC gamers tell developers where to shove their GFWL infested titles the better. All GFWL does is ruin a perfectly good game.