No Trophies in 'The Battle of Forli'

TSA writes: "In a rather puzzling move, it seems the new DLC for Assassin's Creed 2: 'The Battle of Forli' won't be bringing new trophies along with it."

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Hellsvacancy3240d ago

I was holdin out 4 the dlc till i sold my copy of Assassins Creed 2, i dont think ill bother wid the dlc now 2-b honest

BeaArthur3240d ago

Same here, already traded it in. With no alternate difficulty settings and no multiplayer there was no reason to hang on to it.

Eamon3240d ago

lol, you're not gonna get the DLC because there's no trophies?

You're a sad strange little man...

BeaArthur3240d ago

Nobody said they weren't buying it because there weren't trophies. We said we are not getting it because we already traded it in. Learn to read before you post.

NecrumSlavery3240d ago

DLC is just the two sequences. Do you need two silver trophies and maybe a bronze for a random achievement?

Should of left them in in the first place. Thanks DVD9. Oh and didn't Sony have an exclusive deal on AC2. If the 360 got achievements, that would be f-ed up regardless of how pointless a missily two is.

BTW, platinumed it. It was an amazing game. but sadly I gameflyed it so I am not getting the DLC anyway.

Redempteur3240d ago

i just started sequence 10 last night's a great game but these dlc are a simple NO ..because i need more than 2 sequences to spend my money on ..this is bad dlc ...simple cut content .

I don't spends my money on cut content ..i spend it on dlc like burnout paradise island pack , wipeout hd fury , or lbp water pack or mgs pack ( for the tools not the costumes ).

Now Ubisoft you did it again prince of persia epilogue , you try to rip money from my wallet and just like that it won't work .

TheDudeAbides3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

i don't have it anymore, one playthrough game for me

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Lucreto3240d ago

The DLC is like £3.99 so I don't expect too many trophies for the game.

If there are achievements on the 360 then Ubi would be in trouble.

Mr Lahey3240d ago

I had no idea that dlc was on the way.. love this game so I'm all in for it. no trophies is a bit surprising.. i don´t really care about trophies but it couldn't be to hard to throw in a couple of new ones..

Lehman Brothers3240d ago

PS3/PSN/MAG/256/TROPHYS/HOME/D LC.. damn all flops

blackmamba7073240d ago

noisy plastic box called 360/bundled with RROD/pay for online/pastgen graphics/supports 620p/no games except new Gaylo 3.5 Power Rangers/childish avatars tied with crappy dashboard

not a flop at all

Fairchild Channel F3240d ago

Thought the game was pretty good, but not great. Sold it on ebay for $50 when I was done. If there was trophies for the DLC i might consider just renting it for a week, but without them why bother. It's too cold outside and I'm too lazy lol

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The story is too old to be commented.