Blizzard: Cataclysm will 'shake up' Warcraft

CVG: Developer says title will offer all WoW fans 'something new'

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dreamtheater873190d ago

Cataclysm will "offer fans something new"... O RLY? Only the basic info in this article, and it's what was revealed at Blizzcon many months ago.

Montrealien3190d ago

I don`t understand what you are getting at.

BRG90003190d ago

I think what he's getting at is that this is by no means news. I agree.

Montrealien3190d ago

news, on News 4 Gamers?

that will be the day.

3190d ago
Ausknight3189d ago

Whilst WoW rakes in a massive revenue monthly it has to be said that the game itself is quite stale and boring. I know they're looking to update it with this release, but the fact is the game balance itself is badly askew (especially in PvP) and this has lead many a gamer to hang up the boots in frustration and walk away.

The bottom line is, Blizzard were just in the right place at the right time with this release and continue to hold the majority market share because there really isn't a viable alternative with as much back end support in both user base and technology.

WoW is a decent game for sure, but Cataclysm reeks of a model that's outdated and this is more or less scraping the bottom of the concept barrel in order to keep the cash register ringing.

Instead of Cataclysm, Blizzard should have been moving onto World of Warcraft (or maybe world of Starcraft?) 2.

mortalrage3189d ago

I played WOW for awhile and enjoyed it back especially before TBC. The biggest problem for me was balancing in pvp. Balancing in PVP is and has always been a JOKE!!! Thats why I walked away, because it took out skill by just rerolling a new toon that had God mode enabled on a particular class.

Anyone remember in the original Wow Windfury god mode? I was unstoppable xD