Americas Preorders Chart, 23rd Jan 2010 - Mass Effect 2 dominates

Brett Walton: "Mass Effect 2 looks to dominate the big releases this week with over 470,000 preorders. Going by previous pre-order to week one scalars, an opening of over 800,000 in the Americas is looking likely - only Halo, GTA, Call of Duty and Gears of War have had bigger openings on Xbox360 to date. With a strong launch also assured in Europe, Mass Effect 2 should easily pass one million units worldwide in week one.

MAG also looks like having a strong first week - over 300,000 is looking likely although the title benefited from some strong pre-order incentives along with a public beta, both of which will have helped to inflate pre-orders a little hence the seemingly more conservative week one estimate. Two Wii titles also have big releases this week - Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (~70,000 week one) and No More Heroes 2 (~20,000 week one)."

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Gigalol3189d ago

first place

xbox 360 exclusive ;)

Karooo3189d ago

its a multiplatform game pc and 360.

Lou-Cipher3189d ago

First place

PC exclusive ;)

O wait, that would be as absurd as you saying it is a 360 exclusive.

bmw693189d ago

It's obvious that he means Xbox 360 not 360+PS3...

Lou-Cipher3189d ago

Whats your point?

Multiplatform games = 2 or more Gaming Platforms.
Exclusive Games = Only on 1 Gaming Platform.

Me saying Mass Effect 2 is PC exclusive, is just a naive as him saying Mass Effect is Xbox 360 Exclusive.

Don't defend Gigalol , he is one of the biggest clowns on this site.

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Nathan Drake23189d ago

so there are 14 ps3 games and just 11 x360 games(only one true exclusive-halo what a shock),and this is NA?

Lou-Cipher3189d ago

I'm still shocked that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3 Version) has more pre-orders than the 360 version.

The 360 usually slaughters the PS3 in America when it comes to First Person Shooters.

Maybe people are starting to trade in their 360's for PS3's in America. (of course Modern Warfare 2 on 360 annihilated the PS3 version in the United States, so maybe its just the fact that PS3 owners had early access to the BFBC2 beta.)

bmw693189d ago

Did you not read the commentary about this?

Lou-Cipher3189d ago

No, Im guessing that maybe I should have:)

kalebgray923189d ago

of course mass effect and mag would have good preorder sales cuz release day is today

Braineater24483189d ago

Wow. Mass Effect 2 is looking to have a huge first week. 800,000. 0_0

bmw693189d ago

Bigger than Fable II...

MisterPickles23189d ago

Global domination starts with Chartz domination!

DarkTower8053189d ago

GOW 3 is gearing up for a huge release. 327,000 with 10 weeks to go.

ceedubya93189d ago

But then again, lots of people (myself included) seem wait until the last minute to preorder a game. And there is still a lot of time left for the number to increase significantly.

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