MAG – The PS3 Attitude (p)Review

From PS3 Attitude: "Last week, as many of you following the #MAG256 tag on Twitter will know (and if you're not following @PS3Attitude, now would be a good time to do so), we and 127 other gamers were invited to try out MAG.

A mixture of journalists and community members battled it out through the day, leading up to a 256-player match against Zipper, the developers behind the new FPS on the block.

Whilst we received our review copy of the game the very next day, the servers to allow play weren't switched on at the time, so we have decided to do something a little different with our MAG review..."

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Xwow20083187d ago

this is a good review even if its still part1(about story,tech,what the game will offer),Iam waiting to hear their part2 review.

Note:i don,t care if the game will not get 9+,the most important thing for me that it will be fun to play :)