2010 FIFA World Cup Revealed

EA Sports seems to have unveiled the next game in the FIFA series, 2010 FIFA World Cup.

A tweet on the EA Sports official Twitter page confirms the worst-kept secret in gaming and that we can expect the first screenshots from the game soon.Expect an official announcement from EA Sports to follow.

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Fyzzu3189d ago

Whoops. Someone might get in a bit of trouble for that. Not the first time though, didn't EA do the same thing with C&C4?

AndyA3189d ago

Yeah, seem to remember something about that.

Maticus3189d ago

Oops, slight gaff there?

Leord3189d ago

"worst-kept secret in gaming" indeed, lol

Redempteur3189d ago

What's going on ?

The "'insider'" HHG didn't predict this would happen ?

Baka-akaB3189d ago

Even fifa fans should boycott that game on the principle alone . They most likely already got fifa 10 wich is basically the same game , only withou the world cup modes .

AndyA3189d ago

It is a blatant money spinner by EA. Don't see why they didn't just offer the World Cup as modestly-priced DLC rather than a full-priced game.

Baka-akaB3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

it shouldnt even be a dlc or priced at all . World cup mode should just be there as it used to , in every football franchises .

hence why i've always refused to buy the fifa world cup games . And now indeed with the age of dlc , and EA themselves selling a whole new game (ultimate card team mode if i recall) for fifa 09 ... that game got no reason to exist besides pure greed

IronFistChinMi3189d ago

I avoided FIFA 10 as I knew this version would come out and I wasn't done with 09 anyway. I'm not sure if I'll pick this up though, as it should have been in FIFA 10 like you said.

This is the reason the FIFA license should be opened up to Konami too, might just force EA to step their game up.

juanchobossa3188d ago

I disagree. Fifa 10 has like 40 national teams, it focuses mostly on clubs. For World Cup games they add like 150(+90) national teams, most of them with some recognizable faces and licenced kits. Plus, the 10 venues where the games are played and some of the stadiums from the qualifiers of each confederation.

In my opinion that's too much for DLC, all that is worth the 60 bucks for a full-fledged new game.

juanchobossa3188d ago

Correction: "The game features all 199 nations that took part in qualification."

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user94220773189d ago

Still a good game. Would get some decent sales, so why not? I enjoyed the previous FIFA World cup game.

Redempteur3189d ago

think about what you could have if they decided to properly manage the game mode they provided you in that game .

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