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kaaos6663190d ago

What the hell no white knight

Chris3993190d ago

No release date yet. But it's definitely on my list.

LittleBigSackBoy3190d ago

WKC EU release date got announced ages ago, it's the 26th of feb.

vhero3190d ago

Yeah 26th Feb for UK and US date was 2nd Feb I read on PS Blog for white knight. Honestly though 3D Dot Heroes over White night and FF13??

FamilyGuy3190d ago

I would think they must be ignoring FF13 and WKCs because they launched in japan already in previous years yet 3D dot heroes released last year too.

This list is trash as far as I'm concerned.

Chris3993190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

That's hardly "ages" :P It must have been SCEE's comments on Demon's Souls (no foreseeable release) that I was thinking of.

In any event, the whole world get's to enjoy this game, which is awesome.

I hope it garners enough sales to warrant the other two games in the trilogy getting localized.

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Vagrant_13190d ago

weak list for most anticipated on the ps3 side of things IMO

Allowen3190d ago

Mass Effec 2 wil be the RPG of the year !!
At least for me since it is an adult game and I 'm no longer a teen :)

I used to LOVE JRPGs but since Final Fantasy 7 they started to have bad story telling, super exagerated thigns etc.

Just look at this new( some kind of remake) Lunar game it is very different from the original Sega CD and PSone game and I still got then all.

On this gen the best jRPGs I have played were : Valkyria Chronicles , Jeanne DÁrk , Mario& Luigui series , Zelda(Wii/DS) and Demon's Souls(not Jrpg but it is close). The trest of all Jrpgs I played this gen were some how mediocre.

I really doubt that FF13/14 or Resonance of Fate will be good but it is just me.

knifefight3190d ago

Looking forward to a ton of RPGs...
Lunar, Birth by Sleep, White Knight, Resonance of Fate, Dragon Quest VI and IX, Strange Journey, Valkyria Chronicles 2...too many, really. x_x