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Meristation writes: "256 players in the same battlefield is clearly a new step beyond what console online gaming was offering. Spectacular in its size, MAG allows at the same time a deep approach for the hardcore FPS lovers, and also an easier gameplay appealing for those more casual action gamers. The lack of any non-online mode can limit its influence, and the visuals are not over the top, but in the end, MAG achieves success delivering the closest experience to fighting on a living battlefield."

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ryuzu3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Well I haven't looked at the full review but :

"256 players in the same battlefield is clearly a new step beyond what console online gaming was offering. "

Why just console? Where are all these PC FPSs that support 256 players? I've heard of PlanetSide and.... nothing else? Well that's not quite true, I know of another > 256 player FPS too but no one else has mentioend it so I won't. Oh and it was a poor FPS.

"The lack of any non-online mode can limit its influence,"

Lack of ANY off line mode? There is an offline training mode isn't there? - according to the blurb there is. It was locked in the beta so couldn't be tried.

Hey, don't tell me these guys have "reviewed" this game off the back of a beta an hour gimped play at a press event?! Nah they wouldn't do that!


Rush-Sykes3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Sure I will name a few games that have 256 man servers.

Counter Strike Source
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2124
Tubala Rasa

And that's only counting FPS/MMOFPS if I added MMORPG's that support 256 players my list would be a mile long. So no 256 players except for on consoles in nothing new or exciting

You can rack up 256 players on most decent FPS's and MMOFPS's providing you have a decent server.

Look 8 is a great score not every PS3 exclusive is going to get 9 no matter how much you beg for that to be the case. Lets be honest here if this was a Reach review you wouldn't be defending the score.

I know your in this whole its cool to be a PS3 fanboy community here on N4G, And blatantly defending Sony is part of that but seriously have a mind of your own. You all just stand there typing the same tripe how the media always wrong and so on...

Seriously M.A.G. is a good game buy it and enjoy it, Mind you it all depends on if you care about this game. And are not just defending it because the sheep before you did.

raztad3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Counter Strike? Battlefield? Since when those games are 256 players on field at the same time? are you sure about it?

Why are you putting Huxley in your list? padding perhaps?

EDIT: I think I get your point but still something is wrong with it. It's not just having 256, but avoiding the clusterf*ck, camping fest. BTW I doubt many PCs can run a game with more than a few players at the same time.

PimpHandHappy3239d ago

didnt they just down grade that? Is that even a real game? I heard about that in 2006

I have never played a game with 256ppl in it and maybe thats because i dont play shooters on PC, too many hackers... i buy one rts a year.. not much a PC gamer

Huxley really

Pennywise3239d ago

Do people start losing their sense when they go below 5 bubbles?

Huxley?? You forgot to mention CoD10.

CS:Source never had 256 players.

TheIneffableBob3239d ago

Starsiege: Tribes.

And that came out in 1998.

anh_duong3239d ago

chicken and egg.. do people talk rubbish when they have less than 4 bubbles or do they have less than 4 bubbles because they talk rubbish..

huxley.. hmmm.. thanks for the laugh..

Raf1k13239d ago

You can have hundreds of people in the same area in World of Warcraft. Think of all the people that were hanging around in the starting zones of Outland and Northrend when the expansions were released.

ryuzu3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

@ Rush Sykes

Poor troll attempt - at least check the games you're trying to use.

None of those FPSs are 256. Tabula Rasa is an MMO (a crap one too) with instances and Huxley hasn't been played by anyone outside the devs - and I'm not even sure the devs have played it...

I'll give you another try if you like, but you'll need to get your wikipedia hands dirty and find some 256 player FPSs.


Tribes - nope not 256 either sorry.


MMO != FPS. FPS = realtime calculation and phyics, WoW = non-realtime. See the difference? Oh, and MMOs = usually Third person, not first.

So it looks like we're nearly there - 256 player FPS is actually uncommon even on PC (where the only examples of > 256 player games were very poor).


Pennywise3239d ago

lol @ anh_duong - I was thinking about the chicken egg example as I asked that.

darkmurder3239d ago

Maybe because its not necessary? What's the point of having 256 if its not intense, chaotic fun. PC is more than capable to run it but there's no point if you're not even fighting everyone at once when you can have 64 all at once in your face action

ryuzu3239d ago

Well your comment is poorly worded - no game is fun be it 5v5 upto 128v128 if you're all simply stood in a desert arena shooting at whoever you see.

I can also tell from your comment that you didn't play the beta (much) since games played out differently and often the end game was in fact a full assault - all the squads on both teams came together at the end of the stage to attack/defend a single objective.

Really, MAG has it's fair share of problems and the review scores of 8 (or even less) are probably about right - but why is it trolling has reached such a low level?

Trolls used to be people who had a point but worded it in an inflammatory way - these days people just post any crap that is easily disproved. That's not trolling - it's just being an idiot.


DeadlyFire3239d ago

There are not many PC games that do support 256 players and more.

There are only 3 at the most. Although honestly I only remember 1 game that had above 100 players. Planetside I believe has up to 64vs64, but nothing more. Although a sequel called Planetside Next apparently will have massive battles. I think Pacific Fighters also had a 128 player mode. There is one FPS/TPS that had 100+ players as well, but I can't remember it. It was awhile ago. That is it for PC though. Nothing more. Most FPS games on the PC with dedicated servers only go up to 64 players at most. In the future though there is potential.

FarEastOrient3239d ago

I remember the lag on Battlefield 2 with 64 players and that is running on a T1 cable, same with Battlefield 2142. I'm actually playing MAG right now and there is no lag on the game so far and my PS3 is running on my home network that has 3 PS3s, 2 PCs, 2 Laptops, 1 Xbox360 all running through a pipeline supported by Comcast.

For a console game to support this number of players and not have stuck matchmaking system like Halo 3 did on launch is actually amazing. By the way the graphics are better that Tabula Rasa, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Counterstrike, and Socom Confrontation.

badz1493239d ago

LOL thanks for the laugh! CS 256 players LOL!

FamilyGuy3239d ago

That line alone lets you know they're reviewing it based off the beta rather than the full game.

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nix3239d ago

wow... without the servers on. without reaching level 15. by just playing the beta. unless he is from Venus n has a time machine.

4pocalyps33239d ago

venus has a time machine?

OT: cannot wait for this game. going to trade in bayonetta and get it xD

Brodiesan3239d ago

You don't need a time machine when the publisher provides a review event. And with the servers online for the event in question.

Domination (256 players) was played at the event. All journalists who played were using a ramped up level 60 character so they could all get a taste of what it was like to command (OIC etc).

The journalists even beat Zipper (TWICE!) at Domination. Which was nice for those of us who could attend.

travelguy2k3239d ago

but none of them did any of the work to get to that point. What most reviews say is that no one knows what they are doing and there is no teamwork. NO KIDDING.

If you have never played (insert game name here), and you buddy hands you the controlled for the last level, how much "fun" will it be? you have no clue what to do, and barley know the controls.

This game is much more complicated than most shooters, and there is going to be a longer learning curve. If the reviewers actually cared, and were not under the pressure of a deadline, i think the reviews would be better the longer they played.

solidworm3239d ago

off of the back of a two hour play session at a media event,....So its a 9 at least then.

redsquad3239d ago

I really want to support this game, but I just don't 'do' online multiplayer.
A tacked on SP campaign, even a mode similar to the one in UNREAL TOURNAMENT III, may well have swayed me.
Still, best of luck MAG.

Inferno3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

That's exactly what's on my mind.

DirtyLary3239d ago

That's to bad. Massive Action Game single player.. just doesn't fly.

onanie3239d ago

I think dirty lary may have a point.

Do give it a good try - i was somewhat lost in the first few hours, but after partying up with a good friend to have a few games together, things make sense even at the lower levels.

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