Silent Hill Wii sequel? Climax is interested

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories isn't out in the UK yet but developer Climax has told ONM that it would like the opportunity to make another game in the horror series.

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creeping judas3189d ago

Shattered Memories is one of the best games on the Wii!!!

Too short for a purchase, but worth the rental.

dgroundwater3189d ago

Please a sequel! I loved it!

SpoonyRedMage3189d ago

Can't wait to pick up this game when it's released in Europe. I'm currently enjoying Overlord: Dark Legend on the Wii(Another game by Climax) and I've got to say it's very underrated. Looks really good, gameplay works excellently with the Wiimote(better than the 360 and PS3 overlord), good writing. The only real flaw is that it's simplified compared to the original but I think it actually works in it's favour.

tunaks13189d ago

Climax are doing really well on the Wii,

Sam Barlow (Climax developer): "Without badmouthing people, a lot of the games they've been complaining about are rail shooters and a rail shooter wouldn't have sold no matter what platform you put it on because it's a rail shooter and that's a niche genre that had its heyday back in the Dreamcast era."

now thats a smart developer

PanicEnders3189d ago

Here's hoping for James Sunderland revisioned!

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The story is too old to be commented.