Sony Studio Liverpool: WipEout Interview

Tony Buckley gives a detailed interview on all things WipEout - the upcoming WipEout Pulse, their secretive PS3 project and other surprises to be announced soon!

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bootsielon4728d ago

Bloodmask, is that you? Reporting on something Sony related? Kudos to you.

_insane_cobra4728d ago

That was a good interview. Looking forward to seeing the PS3 version of Wipeout.

VendettaWFT4728d ago

Sounds like the new Wipeout could be sweet. Can only imagine what they got cookin for the PS3

Bullseye4728d ago

this is one of the few PS3 games i would buy in to.How long have they been working on the PS3 version, because i seem to recall this being mention quite some time ago?

PSTripleOG4728d ago

Said to be coming to ps3 years back, So i guess its been worked on for 2 odd years.

uHuRu4728d ago

SIXAXIS would be perfect for WipEout.

Arkham4728d ago

Not for steering. Maybe a flick of the controller here and there to ram the other competitors, but I've always preferred the d-pad for the WO games. (Same with steering in the GTA series, before the idiots messed with the controls.)