Critical Gamer: R.U.S.E Preview

Critical Gamer writes: What would you get if you mixed the basics of any war based RTS game with Risk and then set it during the 1940s and threw in some espionage? You'd probably get R.U.S.E. We sneaked our way into the beta to see just what it's all about.

Developed by Eugen Systems, R.U.S.E hopes to redefine a well trodden genre of game by making espionage as important a function as resource gathering or unit building. Not only that, but it presents war on a surprisingly large scale and the first thing that struck us was just how big the battlefields were.

While there will be more modes in retail release, the beta offered the chance to play ranked or hosted 1-on-1/2-on-2 matches on medium and large maps. After watching a six minute tutorial video we dived into our first match.

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Cubes3406d ago

I like the look of this game, and it looks like it's bringing something new to the table, which is always welcome. Will be interesting to see how the console versions measure up to the PC edition.

scruffy_bear3406d ago

I'm a huge RTS fan and R.U.S.E looks awesome. A touch screen would be best for this game so I'll be getting it the PC

IDesertFoxI3406d ago

I can almost hear the screams that will inevitably be escaping people's lungs when they realise how screwed over they are due to ignoring what they percieved as a decoy. I really hope it doesn't simply turn in to a game of coin flips whether to go after an enemy force or not. Maybe we'll get some nice counter ruse action on the go. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Jockie3406d ago

The premise is interesting, hope it doesn't turn out to be a total gimmick though. The potential for developing underhand strategies certainly could turn it in a different direction from standard RTSes.

Letros3406d ago

lol that's how I feel, the decoy thing sounds like a gimmick, you can decoy people pretty easily in RTS games without the need for fake units.

Only thing non apealing to me is WWII time setting, too overdone, and nothing will compare to Company of Heroes (and Red Alert 1 hehe but thats a different era).

Jim Crikey3405d ago

RTS games aren't really my thing, but it's nice to see a new idea brought to the table.