Plans to release God of War Collection separately in UK, confirms SCEE

SCEE's told VG247 that it has plans to release the God of War Collection separately in the UK.

However, for now, no details have been confirmed other then the Ultimate Trilogy edition, which will set you back £110 in the UK.

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Kurisu3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I already bought the Collection off of Ebay (new). So, no need for me to spend all that money on the Ultimate Trilogy Edition!

I am really hoping for that SCEE is going to announce a standalone Collectors Edition version of the game, like what will be available in America.

redsquad3187d ago

Too late! Imported it, played it, and loved it ages ago. Maybe if they hadn't dithered and announced a UK release right from the off, I may have supported the official release.

user94220773187d ago

Import is a better option, can find it for like £25

Sangria3187d ago

I'm afraid SCEE are making the exact same mistake they did for Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, releasing God of War Collection in the same time as God of War 3. They are shooting themselves in the feet, yet it may be another proof how wobbly are SCEE compared to SCEA and SCEJ.

dorron3187d ago

What about rest of Europe?

I want the Collection with Spanish language !!!!

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