Platform Nation: The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

Platform Nation writes: "When Nintendo first brought Link and Zelda to us on the DS via The Phantom Hourglass, many felt let down by the title's unrefined control scheme and severe repetition. Has Nintendo ironed out the wrinkles with their second outing, Spirit Tracks?

The short answer is yes, with a "but." In many ways, Spirit Tracks is the game Nintendo should have released their first time out with Zelda on the DS: it's an easily-accessible story with only superfluous ties to past titles, and puts all of the DS functions to great use. Conversely, when Spirit Tracks takes two steps forward, it follows by taking several steps back in ways that will leave you saying "why'd they do that?" While these flaws will lead to severe aggravation early on, the sheer charm and pitch-perfect presentation of the game will carry you through until you have your bearings."

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