Rumour-mill: L.A. Noire "revamped, ported, and delayed four times"

Rockstar Games has been springing leaks left and right, and January isn't even done yet! If this twitter account is legit, then poor L.A. Noire.

Admittedly not all of this could be Rockstar Games fault, but L.A. Noire has one turbulent past. Its name alone is the result of a dev typo.

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hatchimatchi3239d ago

I really hope this game comes out. I haven't been following it at all but i love film noir and i'd love to be able to play a game based around the time period.

Fozzy253239d ago

Well by the sounds of it, it may not be much longer until we actually hear something about it. Whether or not is has remained PS3 will be interesting to see.

Kurisu3239d ago

From reading the full story it seems that this game is no longer exclusive to PS3, as Sony dropped it. The game was then picked up by Rockstar, who will be making this game multi platform.

rambi803239d ago

games with this kind of history rarely turn out well though

gaffyh3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

@rambo - Yeah that's true. Duke Nukem Forever, Too Human are two examples. 1 hasn't even been released, and 1 was crap. But I think this will be a good game, or at least decent.

Marty83703239d ago

The animations look ok, but the models look terrible.

Kurisu3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

It's a 2006 target render, so I'm sure Rockstar has been working really hard to improve upon what they already had.

amolang3239d ago

This is one of my highest hyped games right now, this style of unique and different just interests me. I don't want a gta or a new cod. THIS is my type of game.

TheDudeAbides3239d ago

stop saying what veracious_shit said, we all did read his twitter

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