WorthPlaying: White Knight Chronicles Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "It's been nearly a decade since Level-5 released its first RPG, the critically acclaimed Dark Cloud for the PlayStation 2. In the time since, it has grown from a small independent developer to a well-known and well-established developer/publisher. Although its most popular game to date is arguably Professor Layton and the Curious Village, the company has always kept its focus on the RPG genre. Some of its past titles include Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Rogue Galaxy, Jeanne d'Arc and the famously canceled Xbox Live MMO, True Fantasy Live Online. In December 2008, Japanese gamers got a look at the company's first PlayStation 3 title, White Knight Chronicles. Mixing elements of traditional RPG gaming with online play, the game attempts to blur the line between single-player gaming and a lightweight MMO experience. Curious to see how things played out, we recently sat down with Sony and played through one of the online quests."

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