Half-Minute Hero Demo Coming to PlayStation Network

Still not sure Half-Minute Hero's for you? Then fill your boots with some free Role-Playing Game (RPG) action as Rising Star Games has announced you'll be able to download a playable 'Hero Mode' demo of the game on 4th February 2010, via the PlayStation Network. Over a week ahead of the full launch, the 'Hero Mode' demo is a cut-down version of the full game in which players will take part in a selection of missions from the final game, each showcasing a different type of challenge from this innovative quick-fire RPG.

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Raf1k13278d ago

This game is great. A mate of mine has this on his PSP Go and I played it a bit. It's perfect for something to play when you're on a bus or a train.

Robearboy3278d ago

Half a minute hero eh? sounds like me in a "manage a quadruple" with megan fox, that yvonne bird from chuck and jessica alba :p

Milky3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

yeaah this game is so awesome. Cant wait to get it on February 12th.