Heavy Rain – 'Four Days' Begins

Official European PlaystationBlog writes: Hi everyone – it's time for the first 'Four Days' challenge to begin… If you've already registered, then you're ready to embark on a unique series of three four-day challenges that will draw you into the universe of Heavy Rain. If you haven't registered yet, then head over to to sign-up (you'll also get an exclusive PlayStation Home t-shirt when you do).

This week, you'll find yourself looking into a dark and mysterious mind – follow, and see just how far their influence has already spread. The rain is already falling – start looking there for answers

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Redempteur3239d ago

As a Xi player that did everything ..i can say it begins again !!!
...can't wait to start as soon as i go back from work and turn on my PS3

tdrules3239d ago

tell them the day 1 answer

god im a bar steward

MisterNiwa3239d ago

if you call that the answer to day one you end a puzzle halfway, right? :I

Lirky3239d ago

The shirts for completing the four-day challenge u get a exclusive heavy rain shirt for u.s. & for signing up if you have a euro psn its for euro home which i already have for euro home for signing up.

Madeline123239d ago

This was fun ! Now waiting till tomorrow for more clues.