Game-Boyz: Nyko's Charge Base IC Review

Game-Boyz writes: "Having logged quite a few hours on my Nintendo Wii there is one thing that is very evident, the batteries that I go through. Add to this that it always seems that I have to change batteries at the most in opportune times. Yes, I know I can use rechargeable ones, but that does not stop the fact that I still have to change depleted batteries with a fresh set that are recharged. This problem became even worse when Nintendo sent us the silicone sleeves for the Wii Remotes way back, and then the new Wii MotionPlus with its own silicone sleeve was released in mid 2009, making it even more of a chore to change batteries. So what is a guy to do? Well enter Nyko and their innovative and very practical Charge Base IC system."

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