All-Pro Football 2K8 Impressions (Xbox 360)

Electronic Arts locked up the NFL license, but that doesn't mean its Madden NFL franchise owns everything football. On July 16, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts roll out All-Pro Football 2K8, a game that combines ESPN 2K5's superb engine with a bunch of NFL legends. It looks decent, but whether or not it can grab a piece of the pigskin pie remains to be seen.

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Blackmoses4732d ago

I kind of like the looks of this...
The stadiums are over the top, really pretty cool designs. Reminds me of Tampa Bay's Stadium with the whole Pirate Ship in the stadium. will definitely be picking this one up.

Bloodmask4732d ago

Better start running EA. The real football game is coming back to town. You might be able to pay off the NFL, but 2K found their loophole.

I hope you you enjoy your long deserved extended vacation Madden '08. You'll be spending it face down in the bargain bin. Or even better in the sh1tter, where all EA sports games belong.

G_CodeMonkey4732d ago

I'm tired of the small-increment upgrades. Screw the roster update. I'm trying 2k8 this year. My 2007 versions of Madden and NCAA will play just like the 2008 versions anyway. gCM

AcidRhain4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Team create and the overall presentation will make this fun to play, unlike madden. Madden is the same sh!t over and over again. I'm bored with the same stadiums, same bland NFL inspired crap. Bring back the fun in football games, so quite regurgitating and recycling your Madden franchise EA. This sounds like a football game with creativity and gamer customization, how all games should be.

frostbite064732d ago

As long as this plays great online, im in

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