GS: Mass Effect 2 (PC) Review writes: "The only other part of the game I took issue with was its 'big reveal' which, as I stated early, I will not spoil. While I am sure it was intended to come off as cool and ominous, the way the camera is angled and audio come off it just seemed like I was watching some bad B-movie. Even the line said by Shepard during the reveal is corny. Thankfully, the final battle is still fun despite the cornball reveal and I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. After you complete the game, you are given the option to start over with your character having all the items..."

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JelalTrueshot3186d ago

Seems like one commonality between all of these reviews is that the ending is weaker than the rest of the game. I can't wait to find out why! Tomorrow can't get here quick enough - need to buy my copy!

BlisterPack3186d ago

Let the ending be weaker - I am looking forward to the character development most. Seeing what has happened to the characters from the first one.