Monster Hunter Frontier Online Fees Include Xbox Live Gold Membership

Monster Hunter Frontier Online, originally made for PCs is coming to the Xbox 360 this summer. If you want to play it you'll have to pay monthly fees, but Capcom and Microsoft came up with a clever deal.

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maskedwarrior3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Can't see the game selling if that's the case.

FamilyGuy3407d ago

After watching the trailer in that article I can't imagine buying this game, especially with a $15 per month subscription fee and ESPECIALLY with FFXIV Online out this year too. I know it's an mmorpg but those graphics make it look like a wii game and monster hunter tri (which is on the wii) actually looks better.

Give PS3 owners Monster Hunter Tri capcom! M$ can have this.

3407d ago
Kevin ButIer3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Never learns

Simon_Brezhnev3407d ago

I wonder if this game is coming out around Final Fantasy 14.

gaffyh3407d ago

Woah $15 a month, that's waaaay to high for a console game. I know you get live as well, but it should be $5 a month maximum for the online subscription for the game only.

shopsmartash3407d ago

Do you really think FFXIV is coming out this year? Seriously it was only announced last year, I give it to 2011 at the earliest...and it will be 14.95 per month also, even on the PS3

Myst3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )


Announced last year? No, but in terms of the name "Final Fantasy XIV ? Yes. it was running under the name "Codename 'rapture'" before. It was actually hinted at that Square Enix was working on a new MMO back in 2005. 2006 is when it got it's name 'Code name 'Rapture'. As avid as I was a Final Fantasy XI fan I was looking forward to this. For a time being there was also no news, many of us thought their was nothing coming. Though through various interviews they stated it was still being worked on. So ever since then they have been working on it, I do believe it will come out this year.

As for those fees sounds similar to the how Monster Hunter Tri works, though at least we are finally getting Monster Hunter Froniter after having Japan and Korea have it for so long. I guess I may try this though


shopsmartash3407d ago

Touche =) and good points as well. I played FFXI but was never drawn in so I'm really not that excited for FFXIV

Christopher3407d ago

Wait a minute... it's already on PC and just has normal monthly fees which is how the mass majority of MMOers play their MMOs, and yet to play it on the 360 you'll have to pay an additional fee to access it from the Xbox 360 as well as being stuck with a closed system when it comes to graphics and performance?

This isn't sounding like all that great of a deal to me.

Myst3407d ago

Well it's a lot easier this time around, I guess it would be similar to how XI became after all the updates such as the famous level sync. I think Square learned their lesson after XI especially of people complaining of spending 3-5 hours just to gain at least a level or two.

So this time around it's at least easier, but in terms of the battle system I think it's still roughly the same. If that was the reason why if so understandable =). It seemed boring to me at first to.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

You PS3 fanboys should probably read the news and not the title

joemayo763407d ago

well what if you already have gold does the $15 a month add an extra month of gold to your membership or does it essentially become a "wasted" month of gold?

Arnon3407d ago

"Famitsu reports from the event, players need to purchase Hunter Life Course Coupons to log online. Each ticket costs 1,400 yen ($15) and is good for 30 days of Monster Hunter Frontier Online plus 30 days of Xbox Live Gold."

Obvious trolls are obvious.

ThanatosDMC3407d ago

MHU/MHP2G and MHF have the same combat system. It was great back then but after you play MH3 you cant go back. MH3 feels just right for some odd reason. I hated playing it on the wii though.

I'd be jealous if MS nabbed MH3 with upped graphics to the Wii though i doubt capcom would even try to update the graphics of any of their finished games.

IaMs123406d ago

Sigh now just say its free for Xbox Live Gold members and then its a deal MS. Other wise keep your money and make your own games that power the 360.

badz1493406d ago

the thing is, you still need to pay extra! ok, you have a gold for 1 year and then you want to play this, you'll still need to buy that + 1 month gold for $15 over your already active account! and imagine if you're playing this game for 3 months and here's the math:

XBL gold (active before MHF released) + 1 month MHF = $50+$15 ---> $65 for 12+1+1 = 14 months and you get to play other games online as well.

XBL gold (active before MHF released) + 3 months MHF = $50+$45 ---> $95 for 12+1+3 = 16 months and you get to play other games online as well.

and if you're just starting to get XBL Gold for MHF for 3 months, the math will be something like this:

3 months MHF = $45 for 3 months! and you get to play other games online as well.

so...looking at the math alone, I think M$ is pushing gold membership sales with this move!

SilentNegotiator3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

$180 a year. Ouch.

beardpapa3406d ago

considering the amount of time you have to put into an MH game - grinding, farming, crafting just to get good gear for the harder missions - it'll be very pricey to play this with friends online. Might as well just stick with MH 2nd G since at least it's adhoc and portable.

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Chris3993407d ago

And a great way to boost Live usage in Japan.

I totally called this game, btw.

But I was wrong on it being multi (at least for now). If you're a gamer and not a fanboy, this is pretty good news all around, and I think it signals a resurgence in MS' interest in the Japanese market.

And again, an announcement followed by a SUMMER RELEASE. I hate MS' corporate demeanor and attitude, but they sure seem to release games in a timely manner. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Godmars2903407d ago

It may be pretty clever up to an including FFXIV"s release, announcement of its pricing, and other console MMOs.

There's at least two of them out in Japan on the PS3, we just don't hear anything about them. That in itself isn't a good sign for console MMOs in general.

Chris3993407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

They don't have the name or pull of a Monster Hunter title. Not by a long shot. We have yet to see an MMORPG successfully implemented on a console this gen. PS3 would be my preference on account of the keyboard/ mouse thing. Voice-chat and text aren't really enough for an MMO.

You seem like a decent poster, but you need to lay off the PS3 cheer-leading. I have one, I think that the system and the games are phenomenal, but I can also see the benefits of enjoying other experiences on other platforms. No one is attacking you or your choice in console, but MS scooping a Monster Hunter title and obfuscating the Live costs in a monthly charge was actually very "clever". And with the exception of Alan Wake, MS tends to stick to a tight announce > release schedule, which I - as a consumer - like.

It's alright to admit these things. Capcom knows it, so does MS. I imagine Sony is aware as well (but there are rumblings of MH 4 coming to the PS3, so maybe they don't care much at all about a 2 year old PC port).

Godmars2903407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Who's "cheering?" I just want to know how those games are doing. FFXI on the 360 for that matter. Pretty sure it was a launch or launch window title yet you never hear anything about it. Who's playing it?

What's the point of hyping all of these MMOs coming to consoles if no one talks about much less plays them as soon as they're on?

Kalowest3406d ago

FF XI was in the top 10 on XBL for along time, till all these FPS started being released, believe it or not theirs still probably a good amount of people still playing it on the 360.

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Robearboy3407d ago

Question - If its 15 dollars for a 30 day subscription, what about months with 31 days or Feb with 28/29 days? :)

LostCypher113407d ago

the subscription period does not care about what day it is. it lasts for 30 days straight. from the time of actavation to the time it runs out. the number of days in a month has no bearing on this

OmarJA-N4G3407d ago

Another FLop! on the FlopBox3FixMe LMAO! :D

iron_sheik3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

the original game on PC megaflopped in 2007
This one on x360 wont even do 100k

mesh13407d ago

nah nah only flops happy on the ps3 mag(6/10)
and ffxiv is going to flop beyong recognision

JasonPC360PS3Wii3407d ago

Jealous much? now go back to MAG/MAF MAssive Flop

Model3406d ago

beutiful graphics in this game..

LOL... x360 maxed out much ?
check out the trailer

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SnukaTheMan3407d ago

Mark my words....the first MMO that comes out and charges will be a major flop...I wonder why age of conan did not come out yet...are they waiting for the other side to charge and test the waters???

-MD-3407d ago

"Charging for any MMO is the sign of death......"

You're right, World of Warcraft is going to flop.

Oh wait.

FamilyGuy3407d ago

I'm pretty sure he meant on consoles but I still don't agree with thought.

-MD-3407d ago

Ok Final Fantasy XI then.

ExcelKnight3407d ago

Pretty sure most Monster Hunter titles are pay-to-play for the online portion in Japan. Then again, I'm also pretty sure Frontier is online-only, compared to all other releases.

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