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Tony P3241d ago

Well that's different.

What extra characters will the other versions feature, I wonder.

xabmol3240d ago

Some from KZ2 maybe? Resistance? Uncharted?!

I'd like some R&C chars personally. :D

But then again... Isn't there a deep customization feature for the chars in the game already? I'll probably go with my own creation rather than a pre-made skin. Unless I can play as the Lombax, of course! x]

deadpoole3240d ago

I never thought I'd see their ugly faces again ... damn Im excited now ... Defi buy.

baum3240d ago

Yeah, those characters would surely help Lost Planet retain its futuristic atmosphere


Bnet3433240d ago

I believe Lost Planet 1 had Frank West (Dead Rising) and Megaman and playable characters. This could be the same thing, just with Gears dudes.

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Syriel3241d ago

Not too odd. Remember the PS3 release of Lost Planet included Mega Man and Frank West among others.

Granted they were Capcom characters, but still, Marcus and Dom probably fit the style of the game a bit better.

For the PS3 version it'll likely be Sony owned characters. If Resistance or Killzone had better known characters I'd guess they would be likely. Kratos is always possible, but he doesn't seem like he'd fit the universe.

TheLog3240d ago

Resistance & Killzone is FPS, remember Lost Planet 2 is TPS.

Anyways regarding Marcus & Dom...IM SOLD!! Bring it on, i hope i can still chainsaw stuff or whatever in half. Khehehe

bacon133240d ago

I remember reading about a Albert Wesker skin from RE5 as well. He comes complete with oversized magnum and patented leather gimp garb from the game.

solidt123240d ago

I like Radec from Killzone 2. They should put him in the game. or a heavy

Lehman Brothers3240d ago

PS3 version will get Ratchet & clank

Karooo3240d ago

are you insecure need to justify your 360 purchase? sorry to break it to you, but ps3 owns 360 like a 99$ b1tch in walmart which is what 360 is.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3240d ago

PS3 version will be a flop like Heavy Rain and MAG

FinalomegaS3240d ago

Have my Wesker code reserved.

Dom and Phoenix.. hmmm interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.