GameSpy: Mass Effect 2 Review

The combat's better, the space exploration's more satisfying, the writing's as clever as any the studio has put forth, and the artistic vision behind this sci-fi galaxy -- down to the Hollywood-talent voice work -- is top-notch. But it's the way that Mass Effect 2 expands upon the narrative established in the first game that marks a true breakthrough for interactive storytelling.

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Droid Smasha3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

i'm drowning in perfect scores

The Meerkat3403d ago

The bar for 2010 has just been set very high indeed.

Software_Lover3403d ago

Bioware is gonna make alot of money off of a movie deal, LOL. Just make it a trilogy like the game. Not saying if the movie is gonna be good or not. But Bioware is gonna make alot of money.

peeps3403d ago

well it's ideal sci-fi movie material

heroprotagonist3403d ago

This is a supurlative RPG in almost every way. For one thing, it is without question the best looking RPG on consoles. But almost everything about the game is that way, from the music, to the voice acting, to the narrative, to the action. It leads in most of these categories and there isn't a single other RPG that combines all of those qualities in the same game.

hay3403d ago

I still wait for my pre-order but I downloaded it(as a huge fan of first game just couldn't wait) and checked what it offers. It's fantastic game with great visuals. Music isn't as memorable as in first one and it's a bit different with mood but it's great.
I love how Shepard evolved and surprises waiting along the road are also great.
It kinda stings they reduced RPG skill/class elements but improved paragon/renegade system. There are changes mostly for better.

But there are some things that bug me. There's bigger pop-in than in the previous game and some textures are lower res than others. I'm very forgiving if it comes for the visuals, but I can't shake off the feeling that PC version could be a bit downgraded to be on par with Xbox version.

Either way, it's my personal GOTY 2010. Heavy Rain and God of War III have tough competition here.

Raf1k13403d ago

If there's a movie I'd much rather they don't try and re-do what's already in the game. A different mission would be a better idea IMO.

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Lehman Brothers3403d ago

Mass Effect 2 will give players a huge experience, only possible on the xbox360 Home Entertainment System, starting at 199 USD.

And MAG is as cheap as the whole PSN.

peeps3403d ago

"Mass Effect 2 will give players a huge experience, only possible on the xbox360 Home Entertainment System, starting at 199 USD."

are u a gamer or microsofts marketing department... lol

playstation1233403d ago

oh lol ok a disc swapping RRoD entertainment. XBL is a joke 50 bucks a year, lol I could get everything free on psn netflix,facebook, web browser. Playstation 3 games,games and more games thanks sony:D. Microsoft should be embarrass about themselves for releasing a broken sub HD/DVD player M$ JUMP OUT

mcnablejr3403d ago

they have done better than sony
and produced a better system.
so on the contrary sir.

Karooo3403d ago

home entertainment system? what my ps2 plays dvd lmao.

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Jerk1203403d ago

Feels bad to own a Ps3.

blitz06233403d ago

Feels bad NOT to own a PS3. Fix'd. I sense your pain, Mr. 1 Bubble Bot.
On the other hand,
Feels good to own a PS3 and a 360 and/or PC

Karooo3403d ago

not playing a multiplatform game?

heroprotagonist3403d ago

If it's so multiplatform then why isn't it on the PS3?

The fact is, it's not multiplatform in the console space and that is where it really matters for a console competing with other consoles.

Antan3403d ago

Still not Reading any reviews but the scores alone make waiting another 3 days seem like an eternity!

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