Atomic Gamer: Mass Effect 2 (PC) Review

Mass Effect 2 delivers a story that's deeper than what many novelists are capable of, and its action is better than what most Hollywood directors are creating nowadays. It's an addictive, engrossing experience that many gamers will replay over and over while they hold their breath waiting for the third game.

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heroprotagonist3406d ago

That was one of the better reviews I have read. Great job on the review, Atomic Gamer.

You know, reading through all of these reviews you can really sense what an impact Mass Effect 2 had on these people and it makes me so eager to play the game myself. I loved Mass Effect like few other games and I can tell that this one takes everything I loved about it even further.

Raf1k13406d ago

This is such a great game and Bioware have clearly improved on the back end as it runs better than the previous game even with the slight visual upgrade.

The best thing is that you don't need an expensive GPU to play it. Runs fine on my 7900 GS at 720p without the AA and Shadows while still looking great.