Destructoid: Mass Effect 2 Review

Brad Nicholson: "And what a stirring one it is. The fluid systems -- the navigation, the combat, and the quick-fire missions -- combine to make Mass Effect 2 an RPG that challenges the genre conventions. The superb emphasis on character development, the gripping plot elements and big-budget presentation aren't too bad either. I purposefully avoided mentioning story elements here for those who want to read a review without worrying about spoilers, but take note: this game tells a fascinating dark story that kept me wanting to explore, interact and continue with the trilogy."

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heroprotagonist3213d ago

Another perfect score. It's nice seeing this game getting such positive critical reception.

Droid Smasha3213d ago

nothing like getting to play a 10/10 masterpiece after having to play that 8/10 flop

Corrwin3213d ago

But reviewers are throwing 'round perfect scores like they're candy.

How many other perfectly scoring games can anybody say they played longer than a month? ME2 has an advantage since it is and RPG and they tend to play out longer.

I just can't shake the feeling we're all just inflating scores.