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Wesley Yin-Poole: "Mass Effect 2 is easily a 10. Easily. We're trying desperately to think of something to moan about, just so this review doesn't sound too much like a Mass Effect love-in, but we can't. The side missions are a bit abrupt. The game still takes too long to load. And your party members will occasionally get in your line of sight. But these annoyances are as inconsequential as a fly landing on a whale's back. Mass Effect 2 is the perfect fusion of the shooter and RPG genres. When you're not playing it, you wish you were. When you are playing it, you can't imagine doing anything else. Engrossing, captivating, stunning. Roll on DLC, and Mass Effect 3."

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Software_Lover3191d ago

Than a epic single player experience. With some aspects of Mass Effect, I wish there were some type of multiplayer.............but Im glad there isn't. I dont play online that much with my ps3 or 360 - or pc for that matter. I play to get away. And you cant do that with retards yelling in your ear or blasting crap music in the background.

Bioware has never let me down. Thanks again.

Rampant3191d ago

Every Sony fanboy will play the superior PC version of this game.

*Goes to metacritic*

PC Mass Effect 2 - 93
360 Mass Effect 2 - 97


heroprotagonist3191d ago

Yeah, I feel the same way as you for the most part. I play online fairly often, but my true love is the deep single player experience. Mass Effect 2 will be like nirvana for people like us.

This was another really well written review. You can tell how much this game has impacted many of these reviewers and I just love to see that.

baum3191d ago

And yet all the replies to my arguments are nothing but ad hominems. I thought this was a PS3 site? Anyway, so they are honest now. lol ok whatever guys. Enjoy it, you deserve it after the long wait.

Mass Effect 2 deserves its great scores as much as Halo 3, if not more.


kewlkat0073191d ago

lol...what else is new. Hating on a game of this caliber....This is the only site where I see hate on this game, obviously.

Perjoss3191d ago

"Every Sony fanboy will play the superior PC version of this game."

and remind themselves they are playing it on Microsoft Windows :)

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Software_Lover3191d ago

Mass Effect multiplayer.

Choose your species:

Choose your class
etc etc etc

Would make for some grand battles online I think. Especially 8 vs 8

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