CwG: Dead Space Extraction (Wii): Data Debut, Sale Rank, Review Score Average

Coffee with Games breaks the news of how much Wii owners have been playing Dead Space Extraction.
Coffee with Games shows how many Wii players have reported play time data, Dead Space Extraction's average review score, and the current sale rank for the game.

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CoffeewithChess3214d ago

I was glad to see Dead Space finally debut with data, found it kind of ironic that I rented the game the same day the data debuted.

readiandnot3214d ago

I don't know because I havne't played the game but I remember reading it was a short game.

mastiffchild3214d ago

For a rail shooter I think it's a pretty long game but, as ever, the problem is that there's little fun in playing it a second, let alone a third time. The problem is worse for Extraction because it's a survival horror game and, in actual fact, felt to me a bit like playing a game within a decent horror film-and second time round it loses any shock value and doesn't have either the nostalgia effect of the RE light gun games or the mad multiplyers and score beating ethos of Overkill to keep you playing.

That said, the game was doomed to fail the minute EA revealed it wasn't a TPS but another rail shooter or "guided First Person experience" as they liked to put it and though they made, imo, a really good job of it the final nails were EA not marketing it AT ALL, not stocking it at all and also the fact it has always remained at full retail price when most railies were cheaper than mainline release.I don't remember it being a particularly short game-I think it's about seven hours IIRC although it might just seem longer as it's very much more like watchng a decent horror film that you happen to do some of the action in rather than a normal game of this length. It's paced like a film as well which means it mght also feel a little longer than it is but overall I was happily surprised with it and just think it's overpriced and underexposed as a lot of people would really enjoy a playthrough if they knew what it was like.

Sadly, though, as the last time I saw it in a store it was STILL £40(dearer than ANY Wii game I'vce ever bought actually!)I can't recommend buying it and it remains what I'd call just about the best rental there is for the Wii. Played in hour bursts over a week or so it's a great experience and one of the best uses, graphically, of Wii hardware in existence. The biggest compliment I can pay it, as a massive fan of the PS360 DS game, is how well it gets the same oppressive atmopsphere from minute one and keeps it all the way through. Some good scares and jumps as well.