Eurogamer: Mass Effect 2 review

In a generation of great RPGs, those accomplishments are magnificent individually but superlative in concert. Even so, perhaps BioWare's greatest success in Mass Effect 2 has been taking a complex RPG and making it effortless to understand, play and enjoy on a constant basis, because it has done this in a manner that should prove utterly essential to veterans and newcomers alike, and more than enough to suggest Mass Effect 3 will be the most important game in BioWare's history.

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SlipperyMooseCakes3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Congrats to Bioware.I'm going to love every moment of playing this game, Amazon has it on its way. :)

TROLL EATER3186d ago Show
Karooo3186d ago

I dont think they care, its not a 360 exclusive.

will connect my PC to bravia and play in a high res, i am sure 8800GT can handle it.

Unicron3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I can't wait to play this baby, but not because of what Eurogamer or what any other review outlet has to say.

blitz06233186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Instead of appreciating the game's score and review you turn your focus to bash on the ps3 fanboys. Who's the fanboy now?

EDIT: Tsk tsk #1. Stealth editing. Is it that hard trying to get agrees?

FamilyGuy3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I can fully accept that this game is worthy of praise but I hate this site. It's ridiculous to hold one system to a higher standard (be more critical of) then another. They're basically saying nothing is wrong with this game or at least nothing worth taking even a fraction of a point off for.

Congrats on the perfect score, this might just be one of metacritics highest rankings of this generation after all. I can't avoid this game though I would like to, but it's filling half the topics of N4Gs front page.

baum3186d ago

Totally unexpected :)

omni_atlas3186d ago

its not a 360 exclusive. Get with the program...

Chaos Striker3186d ago

You know its funny, because I just scanned through all the exclusives on each system and there are only 2 10/10 that Eurogamer gave out to the 360. The PS3 has only 1 10/10 but PLENTY of 9/10's from Eurogamer.


You fail and you should just go and sit in a corner to cry, because honestly, your trolling is pathetic and nonsensical.

**On Topic: I would like to say that I need to finish ME1 first before I can even think about trying ME2 >.<

Rampant3186d ago

Every Sony fanboy will play the superior PC version of this game.

*Goes to metacritic*

PC Mass Effect 2 - 93
360 Mass Effect 2 - 97


theEnemy3186d ago

ME2 360 - 97 / 25 reviews
ME2 PC - 94 / 13 reviews

Not to mention most gaming sites that gave perfect scores on the 360 tend to review only the 360 version.


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Gimped Hardware3186d ago

I guess because it runs on decent hardware with no bottleneck issues
Hardware that developers can use properly
Hardware that people enjoy playing
A console fit for Kings - the 360

I swear if Sony didn't fit me with a massively inferior graphics chip i might be able to run games like ME2...........

mesh13186d ago

360 exclusive alwys deliver cant say the same for ps3(mag)

polow got sol3186d ago

man first halo reach looking like graphics king and now goty contender in me2? the more i look at my ps3 the less value i see in it

Marojado3186d ago

I can see how you would struggle to find value in something you don't own.

You should just take this review for what it is; acknowledgement that Mass Effect 2 is a fantastic game. No fanboy required.

heroprotagonist3186d ago

True. Mass Effect 2 is the best looking RPG on any console hands down.

BigBen3186d ago

lol Halo reach looks like graphic king? Really? Mass Effect is a great game, I'm sure, but to say that Halo Reach is a graphic's king is just lolworthy.

stonecold13186d ago

cant even handle 256 players at once

Droid Smasha3186d ago

too bad 256 people wont even buy mag


heroprotagonist3186d ago

Just because nobody has wanted to make a game with 256 players on the 360 doesn't mean that it would be any problem. It's just networking code. It doesn't have much to do with the graphical power of the console.

Maybe nobody has done it on the 360 for the same reason that MAG is not being well received, that is, more players does not make a better game.

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