SFX-360: Dreams of Witchtown Review

SFX-360 writes: "Witchtown is a peaceful and magical place that is populated with both witches and wizards. Unfortunately a great evil has made it's way to the town cursing those who reside in it. For the elderly witch, Aurora, she has learned of this great evil and has a plan to stop it. Armed with her magic broom and her spell scrolls, Aurora plans to destroy the evil of Witchtown. Then all of a sudden she is struck by a rogue soccer ball and plummets to the ground. Once she awakens she realizes the bad news that her magic broom is broken, her spell scrolls are gone, and she's a long way from Witchtown. The good news is that she does possess a ton of soccer balls, and decides to continue her quest to find her spell scrolls, and rid the world of evil."

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