9.0 Mass Effect 2 Review "An improvement from the first game in every single way, Mass Effect 2 continues to seamlessly blend action, drama, and intrigue in one of the most anticipated titles of 2010. Though inter-planetary travel can get a little monotonous, the overall storyline and improved combat system make the game well worth it. Fans of the first will have quite a few surprises in store for them while newcomers should feel right at home taking advantage of all the game's improvements."

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mephman3187d ago

An extremely solid title, let's hope the year only gets better from here-on out.

mushroomwig3187d ago

Heavy Rain, GOW3, GT5, Bioshock 2, Bad Company 2..etc..etc..Yup I'd say this year will be getting better.

Sanrin3186d ago

Not to mention Aliens vs Predator!