Mass Effect 2 - Final Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Bioware is one of those video game developers that other companies strive to be like, creating entertainment experiences on the Xbox 360 that are unrivaled in terms of story, dialogue, and pure emotional investment. For that reason the Mass Effect trilogy is one of the most anticipated events in our industry and after three years of waiting Mass Effect 2 is finally ready to hit retail shelves. I tried to continue the same style of decision making from my Mass Effect 1 playthrough and in the end the two games flowed together (connected) very well. The opening scene of Mass Effect 2 sets up exactly what the entire 20+ (on an average play-through) hour campaign will be like: an epic adventure that is unparalleled by any other video game on the Xbox 360."

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UltimaEnder3215d ago

This is the best game I have played on the Xbox 360 - obviously it can't compare to other types/genres of game but as far as a story-driven game goes I stand behind this score/review more than I have ever before.....give it a chance, Bioware outdid themselves 100x on the Xbox 360 with Mass Effect 2 - great review!

heroprotagonist3215d ago

Great review, man. It was an enjoyable read and really got me excited for the game. It sounds incredible.

LaurenKB1233215d ago

Watched my husband play a couple hours and I have to agree, for a girl or a guy this game is top-notch.....grab it as soon as you can.

UltimaEnder3215d ago

I have to think that this is Xbox 360 owner's answer to Uncharted 2 from last year - the game can compete on every level (I played both) and it's about time the Xbox 360 is getting some triple-A titles from epic developers....go pick it up!

ClownBelt3215d ago

*Looks at the site*

Oh from the same guy who got mad, because some other author posted a "supposedly" bad article(which was not) about ME2. k...

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The story is too old to be commented.