Star Trek Online Beta Extended

Cryptic Studios has announced that the open beta for Star Trek Online has been extended by an extra day.

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Charmers3239d ago

Erm no thanks, played one session and thought it was complete bull. I really can't see this MMO having much of a life.

CryWolf3239d ago

The MMO needs more work before Cryptic Studios launch Star Trek Online cause their still a lot of bugs and glitches in this game I know for a fact I was in the Open Beta too.

LobbycastGeoff3239d ago

I have tried on two different occasions to play this beta and just can't do it. I have tested 15+ MMOs now and this is the first one that has me wanting to turn it off within minutes. Sad times.

Faelan3239d ago

I tried it. I don't think it's as bad as some people say. It even felt a bit refreshing in terms of ground and space combat. Awesome customization as well.

Unfortunately, it was also completely devoid of that open world MMO feeling which is what draws me in. It felt more like a single player experience with a series of mini games tied together in a storyline that is completely on rails (as they usually are in MMOs).

As I Star Trek fan, I could possibly justify paying the initial price for the box and have some fun with the references to past shows, movies and ST lore in general. It's the monthly subscription that I can't justify. I just couldn't find that magical MMO feeling that makes me want to log in and grind some stuff for hours in order to get the next shiny upgrade.

Maybe the more casual players will find something in there, but the game sure isn't for me... unfortunately.