Monster Hunter Frontier Online confirmed for Xbox 360

The cover for the upcoming Famitsu issue confirms Monster Hunter Frontier Online for Xbox 360. Some details from NeoGAF:

"MHF is 360-only, ¥1400 per month, servers separate from PC version"

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WildArmed3284d ago

I honestly hate Pay to Play MMOs. (Final Fanstasy 11, World of Warcraft just to name a few).
Guess I wont be touching this game =/

Dragun6193284d ago

Monster Hunter Frontier (PC, Xbox360)
Monthly Subscription - ¥1400 = estimate $16

Well, that's good I hope that this doesn't require gold membership because if that does that would be pretty lame. Other wise, I would rather buy Final Fantasy XIV.

kaveti66163284d ago

16 dollars a month? NO!!!

I was really interested in this. What the hell?

I would even understand 5 dollars a month, but 16?

RememberThe3573284d ago

Is that on top of your Live service?

badz1493284d ago

I think XBL Gold is still required because non-gold members can't even access the MP part of any game to begin with.

OhReginald3284d ago

yes ma'am. But I don't think you need a gold account to play this game. It would be stupid of capcom. Who in hell would pay xbox live AND for this game every month?? who I tell you..who!

Godmars2903284d ago

All MS has to do is give an excuse, not CAPCOM.

Besides, its not like anyone into such a thing wouldn't already be paying for XBL.

Immortal Kaim3284d ago

Can someone give me some details about Monster Hunter, I have always been fascinated by Japan's adoration for the series...Is it similar to any other games?

-MD-3284d ago

FFXI is playable without gold.

Hisiru3284d ago

This version will probably have a lot of improvements (and it won't have the same servers of the PC version, so we can expect for some new areas, monsters etc)

SilverSlug3284d ago

does not require gold for games you have to pay online. Phantasy Star Universe and Final Fantasy XI did not require gold to play.

Godmars2903284d ago

This is CAPCOM we're talking about.

There'll probably be some resolution upgrade to HD like FFXI, but that'll be it.

facepalm3284d ago

Why not do a port of Monster Hunter Tri instead??

Tony P3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

What MMO costs $5 a month, kaveti? The standard is like $12-$15.

Better get used to that idea of cost if you really want MMOs on consoles so badly. If you pay any attention at all to MMOs, the quality products are usually the p2p model.

As for Live I'm thinking it won't require gold like PSU and FFXI. But don't think XBL fees will somehow magically cover an MMO subscription.

@Kaim: As far as I know you go out to hunt monsters...collect better stuff. Rinse and repeat. MH is quite similar to the scope and gameplay of Phantasy Star Universe/Online.

Arnon3284d ago

1400 Japanese yen = 15.5484 U.S. dollars

kratos1233284d ago

lol you just used google i know because i also use it all the time

Arnon3284d ago

Lol of course I did. It's awesome :P

FarEastOrient3284d ago

So how much did Microsoft pay for time exclusivity for this game this time?

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KILLERAPP3284d ago

I see this news reaching over 1000 degrees, is going to get ugly...

Godmars2903284d ago

Not if we're only talking about a PC port.

Like to hope people aren't stupid enough to start a fight, but then we're talking about fanboys...

gamer01234563284d ago

if its good ill play it for a while. just like ill try ff14 on my ps3.....stop spinning

ClownBelt3284d ago

WTF? This is BS. P2P? Man, what a big turn off.

PirateThom3284d ago


A 3 year old PC game.

Anyone who doesn't feel let down by this is a fanboy.

-MD-3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Oh it's an MMO? Pass.

I would be pumped if it was a normal Monster Hunter game as I've never played one.

SilverSlug3284d ago

It is funny seeing all the 360 fanboys prance around saying how FF14 was a horrible announcement because it was an MMMO. Microsoft goes and gets a 3 year old MMO PC port and they are c*mming all over their computer screens going "Don't cry Sony boys" like anyone gave a f***.

Have fun playing your Monster Hunter, I will take DC Universe Online any day.

Hisiru3284d ago

They can you know... IMPROVE the game.

PirateThom3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Actually, I didn't really see anyone say that once they realised it was an MMO and was already out on PC... MMOs on consoles just aren't a big deal.... MMOs in general aren't a big deal unless they're called "World of Warcraft".


It's still going to be an MMO.

Hisiru3284d ago

Is this game an MMO? *sigh*

I thought it was a normal Monster Hunter game. Now I have no interest in this game.

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