Nintendo Offering Limited WiiSpeak And Endless Ocean 2 Bundle At Bargain Price

Nintendo is offering a limited time bundle with their upcoming release of Endless Ocean: Blue World that will pack in a WiiSpeak microphone, usually a $29.99 accessory for free. Impressively, the game and WiiSpeak bundle will only cost $29.99, and offers two-player cooperative online modes with full WiiSpeak support.

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IanCube3186d ago

Seriously, they charged $30 for it alone, an extra $20 with Animal Crossing and now its free. Great deal if you were planning on picking up Deep Blue anyway.

indiemike3186d ago

The microphone really shouldn't have costed that much to begin with. Of all the Nintendo peripherals, Wii Speak probably irks me the most. What a terrible solution for voice chat.

IanCube3186d ago

What's so terrible about it? It allows more than one person to interact via voice in one room, a real downside if you've ever played with a 360 headset.

indiemike3185d ago

That feature is over-inflated to me. When do you actually make use of having multiple people in a room talking to and/or hearing multiple people in other rooms? If anything, based on how I've experienced that (hearing people through your TV) on Xbox Live, it's just awkward. Not so much fun.

Plus, the quality is TERRIBLE. As much as Nintendo tried, getting the balance right in muffling out the sound of your TV and hearing the person on the other end only resulted in a really low quality voice, and an awful, awful delay.

Wii Speak is awful. I've used it plenty of times in The Conduit and Animal Crossing, and I couldn't discourage others from using it less.

So is this really a deal then? Sounds to me like Nintendo has some microphones to get rid of, I don't really call this "supporting" their device as much as trying to move the device to begin with.

asdr3wsfas3185d ago

"That feature is over-inflated to me. When do you actually make use of having multiple people in a room talking to and/or hearing multiple people in other rooms?"

When you have a girlfriend. This is why I don't voice chat on ps3 (unless she's talking for me to mess with other people, in which case I'm left out).

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IanCube3186d ago

Nintendo really seems to be on a bundle rage with the Monster Hunter Tri/Classic Controller Pro bundle and now bundles really work that well?

indiemike3186d ago

Of course. Four words, two examples:
Wii Fit
Wii Play

IanCube3186d ago

Wii Play has been the bundle to bust all bundles, boy oh boy!

aepex3186d ago

That does seem like a pretty good deal, but they can't be that confident in their own game if they place it at a bargain price right at the start...

IanCube3186d ago

I don't think its that, the original also was priced that cheaply and performed well both in sales and review scores.

It's simply a matter of understanding from the onset that the game isn't a huge deep game like Zelda or something that took them a ton of time to develop, and pricing it accordingly.

IanCube3186d ago

Who plans on picking up Endless Ocean? I think I might.

CoffeewithChess3186d ago

But this is a duplicate story from nearly two weeks ago, when the news actually broke on it.

Seekerofthewind3186d ago

I'm definitely getting it. I enjoy having a library of more relaxing games beside my platformers, fighters, and action games.

asdr3wsfas3185d ago

Easy purchase here, I wanted wii speak and my gf and I will have fun with this together.

MonopolyRSV3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Worthy of a rental, definitely not a purchase. Nice to have the Wii Speak added in but there isn't a single game I that I want which utilizes it.