Kotaku's 2009 Game of the Year

It's been a well-fought discussion: Which game was the hand's down best title of 2009. But all good fights have to end, hopefully with a clear winner.

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LordMarius3403d ago

Game of the Year
Game of the Year
I'ma kill em all

WildArmed3403d ago

lol the same song started to play in my head when i saw his face.

Personally, Demons Souls hits the sweet spot for me. But U2 was pretty good too.

nix3403d ago

i was at kotaku's "people's choice award" thread n man the people were just too well learned. everyone was well mannered, wrote proper english n all. especially Demon's Souls thread. i was just shocked to see it knowing how baised kotaku is.

nevertheless congrates. i would have given it to Demon's Souls though. q:

BulletToothtony3403d ago

ooh that's right.. Uncharted 2 gets you too angry to show your trolling behind huh

Ravage273403d ago

yea,i have great respect for the kotaku community, but none for the biased staff.

I was really amazed after reading the comments in the Demon's Souls GoTY nomination article. There were some really profound stuff there and they are really insightful. Then again, i always find it entertaining to read other's opinions of Demon's Souls. This is one game with a VERY passionate fanbase - including me :)

Dutch Boogie3403d ago

LOL i can picture Craptaku employees screaming profanities in their minds while giving the award to a ps3 exclusive. These losers don't deserve to be called gaming journos.

nix3403d ago

true. i am a sucker when it comes to reading POV about Demon's Souls. i've read so many of it n it feels good to read what the other people experienced and appreciated. this is one game that has made me appreciate every bit of it. what i love abt this game are the fine details. the sounds. and the errieness. i read someone talk abt the sound of the bell n how its going to haunt her to grave. lol.

i guess i better stop, i always get easily carried away. q:

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LordMarius3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

No bot games were nominated

get Killzowned bots

RuPaul3402d ago

meh...kotaku is clearly showing their PS3 bias. IMO the GOTY was ODST.

deshon093403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

like 12 lol now great game

awesomeperson3403d ago

2 PS3 exclusives and 1 multiplat, excellent.

Congrats Naughty Dog with Uncharted 2, such an amazing game. :)

RBdrift3403d ago

They didn't even mention any 360 game.hmmm...I wonder why

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