Will Too Many PS3 Owners Pass On Bioshock 2?

This is kinda like a public service announcement for PlayStation 3 owners. Hopefully, it won't be as annoying and unbelievably insulting as actual PSAs.

Here's the thing: Bioshock released on August 21, 2007 on the Xbox 360 and PC and at that time, there were only a tiny fraction of the PS3 owners that exist today. Granted, they may have played the game on either the 360 or PC but many PlayStation loyalists flat out missed it.

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zoks3103279d ago

I think PS3 owners will pick this game up. BS1 was a very good game and PS3 owners know that.

krouse933279d ago

I don't really want muddy textures

Blaze9293279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Xbox 360 Version: 2.42m
Playstation 3 Version: 0.48m

GOTY 2007 didn't even manage to sell a mil yet on PS3. Granted that's coming from VGChartz but whatever.

With Heavy Rain and White Knight Chronicles releasing the same month, I wouldn't care either if I didn't have the money. But I do so I'll be picking both Heavy Rain and BioShock 2 up that month.

blitz06233279d ago

Blaze - you do know it came out more than a year after the 360 release right? There are PS3 owners who also own a 360 so why buy it again if they already played it before?

headwing453279d ago

Too many games on PS3, can't play them all.

Blaze9293279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Well first of all, the title and this whole article is talking to PS3 specific owners so out goes the window of your ps3 owners who also own a 360.

Second, speaking about ps3 only owners again, it only pushed ~500k. since it's release. Now if, again, ps3 ONLY owners didnt care a lot the first time around why would they the second? - especially with two exclusives dropping the same month.


Yeah I'm not blaming anyone for lack on interest if you're talking to me.

raztad3279d ago

BS1 was touted as xbox/PC only and the PS3 version was denied several times. By the time it was announced/released PS3 owners had lost interest on it. Game is good but ps3 fanbase is not to blame for the lack of interest.

D4RkNIKON3279d ago

I will be passing this one up for sure. I tried a demo of Bioshock a while back and didn't like it much.

Simon_Brezhnev3279d ago

yall should know blaze is always going to be negative towards PS3 no matter what im starting to think omega and blaze are the same people

TooTall193279d ago

I played it on the 360 and for some reason I had a terrible framerate issue, but its still one of my favorite games this gen. I hope this sells well on the PS3 so I have people to play with online.

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sirbigam3279d ago

I'm gonna pass on this game, the whole timed exclusive left a bad taste in my mouth, I'll wait for gamer reveiws

aaronisbla3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

lay off of Blaze, he is right after all, the game just didnt sell well on the ps3 and i think he knows why it didnt sell well.

Megaton3279d ago

It came out a year later and was declared a locked down 360 exclusive during most of that year before it came. No surprise the numbers are very one-sided.

Noob3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I'm more than sure it would of done better if it was released day one on the console instead of a year later. Think about it, a year of waiting and denying it was coming to PS3. People lose interest, got tired of waiting, and moved on. I bet 2K won't do that again; well, if they aren't retarded that is.

A Cupcake for Gabe3279d ago

I bought it on PS3, it ran better and looked better. I don't know why it didn't sell. Oh wait it was out a year and a half on everything else. Most people played it already. Oh well, this article is a fial anyway. I am buying Bioshock 2. I loved the first one. It's my next gen metroid prime, but with Slicers instead of aliens. FPExplorations FTW!

Blaze9293279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Thanks. That's all I was trying to say but it somehow got turned into me being negative against the PS3 for some reason. Apparently I'm also omega now....go figure.

@imdaboss I don't know what your talking about with me being always negative toward the PS3. I GUARANTEE...GUARANTEE you will not be able to pull up comments of me "always" bashing or being negative against the PS3 for just no damn reason or like a fanboy would. Don't worry I'll wait too - also let me know I guess you dont pay attention to any of my other comments huh? Like:

Very negative there...oh wait, that's about Microsoft O_O! No WAAAAY!

I don't even so how I was being negative about the PS3 here...the game didn't sell on else is there to talk about? I said PS3 owners seem to not care and LOOK, the majority of comments in here already are saying they WILL pass on BioShock 2. So am I wrong?

But I guess since I like my 360 as well as my PS3 anything I say is negative toward the PS3. Just do me a favor and hit the ignore button in the left hand corner of this comment. Oh, and I'll tell Omega you said what's up.


I think you know damn well what kind of PS3 owners this article is talking about. Don't play that nonsense. The general thought of multi-platform owners are call...multi-platform owners. When you single out "PS3 owners" I think it's quite obvious they mean PS3 ONLY owners.

Now, inb4 a zillion disagrees.

blind-reaper3279d ago

I will buy it in spring break or summer vacation along with a bunch of other games (GoW3, HR, GT5"I hope", Mafia II "I hope")... I have no time right now.

Digitaldude3279d ago

I aint picking it up. First one was good. Story was excellent, gameplay... Meh.
Way better games coming out for 010 anyway.

tnator3279d ago

Perhaps PS3 gamers at the time couldn't see the point in playing a year old game when there was new stuff out. I played the first on 360 and it was game of the year for me. Will get the second on PS3 day 1 (as the 360 has cr*pped itself). A must purchase for all gamers i say.

matchgrade3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

The reason why Bioshock sold so poorly on PS3 was not because we hate Bioshock, but because our port came out far too late after the original release and either
A) we had lost interest and moved onto other games, or
B) a newly-ported game from a year ago still felt a year old to us: dated and underwhelming.

I went out and got Bioshock for the ps3, having never played it before, and while I thought it was a thoroughly entertaining and well-designed game (I would even call it "masterful" in its design), I wasn't the least bit impressed by the tech or the innovations from the previous year. Probably because I had already heard so much about the game from gloating 360 owners :P But none of it felt fresh at that point.

But in any case, I don't think us ps3 owners would be stupid enough to hold a grudge against a multiplat-released Bioshock 2 just because its predecessor was a timed exclusive.

3279d ago
TenSteps3279d ago


they were trying to sell it to me at full price (in my store at least), a year late port for full price no thanks I could have gotten it at half the price on the 360. But what's that they added something an extra difficulty surely that's worth half the price what's this a chance to pay $10 DLC.

Now I don't know about you but the chance to pay $10 and one extra difficulty doesn't warrant it having full price at least not for me.

Obama3279d ago

Just like how metal gear solid 2 sold 5.58m on the ps2 and only 0.62m on the 360 right?

Dragun6193279d ago

I don't know if you notice but Bioshock is still in the top 25 on PS3 starting from November when it dropped and now. I think lots of new PS3 owners are picking this game up especially since the game was around the $10-$18 zone.

I think many PS3 owners, including me, will pick up Bioshock 2 and maybe Star Ocean International when they both release on February 8.

UltimateIdiot9113279d ago

I don't know anyone getting BS2. Personally, I'm picking up Heavy Rain and if I have spare cash and a lot of spare time, WKC.

SilentNegotiator3279d ago

"Xbox 360 Version: 2.42m
Playstation 3 Version: 0.48m"

It was a year old choppy port. They were lucky to have sold that much.

Christopher3279d ago

I'm not passing, just not going to buy it right away. It's definitely not a day one purchase for me since the sequel seems to be a combination of more of the same as well as a jarring concept in regards to the storyline. I have no interest in multiplayer mode and I haven't seen enough of the single player game that makes me want to buy it over many of the other options out there already or coming out in the very near future.

Alvadr3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Its true, timed exclusivity hurts not only the first game sales, but any sequels after that.

And then they were stupid enough to launch the game on the PS3 with a broken demo. The game deserved to do bad on the PS3 if you ask me.

RumbleFish3278d ago

I don't care about Bioshock.

god_o_war3278d ago

lost interest in the game when it was "confirmed" exclusive to 360

ActionBastard3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

2.2 million copies of BioShock were sold on the 360 and Games for Windows. The PC version alone sold over 1 million copies, yet it's only sold 3 million to date. Where's the remainder coming from I wonder? Cut the puppet strings bro.

Blaze, never, ever, cite VGChartz.

BioShock PC sales -

360/Games for Windows totals of SHIPPED copies (2.2mil) - "BioShock®, a wholly owned and internally developed title for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows® shipped over 2.2 million units since its debut in late August." (April 2008)

As of June 2009, 3mil copies had been sold -

FamilyGuy3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I wasn't a fan of the first Bioshock, I suck at first person shooters.

ravinash3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I played Bioshock on 360 when it first came out, it was the reason I got the 360.
I had since sold the 360 as i only ever play Mass effect and bioshock on it. Just recently I got bioshock again on PS3 (Only £10) and am enjoying it all over again. textures look fine by the way.

Now that number two is coming out...I'm not so sure I want to get it.
I kind of fell like been there, done that. Its like they have just appended on more story after the story has been told.

Now would you kindly put it away.

Guido3278d ago

It is going on my PC. I played all three versions of Bioshock, PC, 360, and PS3 when they were released respectively and loved them all but the best version IMHO was the PC version. I will be buying one copy of Bioshock 2 and that will be the PC version.

DaTruth3278d ago

I'm one of them! Too many games on PS3. This is another one 360 owners can pretend is exclusive and then say PS3 owners don't buy games because they will be spread thin across the platform!

Commodore3278d ago

Bioshock was alright at best...Nothing special. The online looks like it was thrown on there for the hell of it and looks like a lag-fest.

I won't get it when it comes out but maybe for Christmas.

Daver3278d ago

For me Bioshock was an ok game nothing more. I'm not getting Bioshock 2. Theres too many better games coming out

ceedubya93278d ago

I'm going to pass on this game for the time being. There are some great games that are releasing between now and the end of March, and some sacrifices need to be made. This is a game that I can wait on, or maybe rent first.

This is a bad release time for this game, imo. Some heavy hitters coming out soon, as well as some promising new franchise releases.

I really do believe that Bioshock 1's problem was its release. PS3 owners with a PC and/or 360 already had a chance to play the game a year or so earlier. Why would they want to pay 60 dollars for something that could be had/played elsewhere for much cheaper?

And although I expect this next installment to be good, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it doesn't do as well as the first game did, as it is surrounded by high profile releases on both consoles.

baum3278d ago

"Seems PS3 owners don't care about BioShock"

lol after one year of the original game game out, what makes idiots think the games should sell the same? wow, just wow.

andron3278d ago

Not because I didn't like Bioshock PS3, I loved it, it was a great game. Also nothing against the port, it was a great port so the sequel shouldn't be any worse.

Yet somehow B2 is long down my list of games to get. I fear the large amount of PS3 exclusives might slow the sales of this on PS3. Also the notion that mp is shoehorned into this game. It's greatest strength was the atmosphere and I don't know if that will translate well to mp.

I'll probably get it later when the price drops if it looks good...

Red Panda3278d ago

Jack of all trades, yet master of none..........................

Jinxstar3278d ago

I'll be getting it on steam when it's 20$. Just like I did with bioshock 1

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893278d ago

but i dunno i like online better on consoles and this game has online supposebly.......anyone know what the online is gunna consist of is it gunna be co op or something....but then again it feels good to play a game theat my pc can run on max unlike crysis warhead that game made me hate my pc lol haha or atleast really wanted to add a graphics card in sli. it sucks that windows 7 and vista take like 30% of your ram just on idle........

goflyakite3278d ago

I've already pre-ordered and paid for it. Plus my classes were canceled on the 9th. :) Can't wait for this and BFBC2.

I feel it's not getting hype like the first one because it's coming to PC, 360, and PS3. Sad, and a little funny.

N4Flamers3278d ago

the first bioshock came out a year later to much controversy of it not being as good as the 360 counterpart. I had played the 360 version by that time along with most of the people who wanted to play it.

Im skipping bioshock 2, the multiplayer doesnt seem to fit with this game, those are wasted resources right there. The game still looks like it came out in 2007 or something, the graphics are just underwhelming. I enjoyed the story of the first one and i dont really have a desire to play as a big daddy (especially since you suit up in the first one). I might pick it up later this year, but its not a day one.

NewZealander3278d ago

ill be getting BS2 day one!

but i got the first game on 360, so even though i own both consoles i like to keep the series on one console, so 360 again for this one.

prunchess3278d ago

Bioshock is an absolute masterpiece. The story is second to none.

The Unreal Engine doesn't do it justice though but the concept and playability of the game make it more than worth while. If any of you haven't played this game through to the end, you are really missing out.

I would advise any gamers that don't like FPSers to put it to easy and give it a go.

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blitz06233279d ago

I will pass on it just like how I passed on Bayonetta - I will wait for a price drop.

Enate3279d ago

I also passed on bayonetta and as for Bioshock it was graphically impressive an did what it was supposed to. Though that's more or less why I'll pass on Bioshock 2. I'm not much for fps games, I don't like the old time atmosphere and I don't like scary games. Plus even if I decided to give it a try it wouldn't be right now there is to many other games I'd rather play. White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean international edition, Heavy Rain an currently Mass Effect 2 on PC.

Keith Olbermann3279d ago

Too many good ps3 exclusives. This will be a rent.

LordMarius3279d ago

I am, there is no hype for this game and I never played the first one because of the controls in the demo, not my cup of tea
plus I'm tired of FPS for now

WildArmed3279d ago

While I did love the first one, I'm passing on this too. (for all my consoles/platforms).
The fact that they added MP and it's not the same team as Bioshock 1 has me doubting.
So it's going to be a bargain buy for me.. not a day one..
plus, it's too close to WKC, FF13 and GoW for comfort.

N4BmpS3278d ago

There are entirely too many games for the PS3 owners, especially those whom only have a PS3; with WKC, Heavy Rain, GoWIII and other titles coming on the way many PS3 owners will go with something that could be good or great. Not to mention how many of the PS3 only owners want to be loyal to the PS3 exclusive line-up. I hate to say it but irrational games messed up or nearly burned their bridges with the hardcore PS3 audience, however there is still a good chance that Bioshock 2 will do moderately well among PS3 owners. I'd buy but my money tight and I'm looking at GoWIII.

ClownBelt3279d ago

The first one was crap imo. I will never pick this game even if it's on bargain.

Pillage053278d ago

I wouldn't say the first one was crap by any means, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I'll likely rent this down the road or pick it up when the price drops.

mastiffchild3278d ago

Crap? It was a fantastic game and a breath of fresh air as far as storytelling and atmosphere was concerned in the FPS genre. could have done without the pie mini games as it did my head in but the games a stone cold classic. Thing about PS3 gamers not buying it on their platform is moot, imo, they were told for a year it wasn't coming and when it did there were NO sweteners to make up for the wait. Pointles DLC challenge rooms and another difficulty?SH1T! Noone likes to play year old ports when it doesn't make your wait worthwhile as in the mean time you got excited by games you KNEW were coming, no?

Besides, by the time the PS3 version landed i'd played it on PC AND 360-and i'm positive half the possible market for the game on PS3 had played it once somewhere as well. Thing is as the DS3 is my favourite controller I'd have preferred to play on PS3 given the chance and will prolly pick up number two if it reviews O)K but, personally, i'm not in any way convinced a sequel/prequel/second Bioshock is anything LIKE a good idea. I don't want the Levine directed classic impaired in my memory by a crappy second game and, btrw, the multiplayer looks like crap-if you want to talk about actual crap that is.

ClownBelt3278d ago

@ mastiffchild

I got my PS2 December of 2008. At that time, I don't even give a crap about the current gen since I was so in love with the PS2 games to name Persona 4. I never even heard of the game. I played it and I didn't like it. No matter how much you defend it, I still won't like it. It was a horrible game imo.

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