5 Tips To Best Enjoy Mass Effect 2

Brave New Gamer reports: Mass Effect 2 is a huge game. So huge, in fact, that we'd be remiss if we didn't give a little helpful guidance to players priming to play. So we at Brave New Gamer have assembled a list of 5 tips to remember for your first playthrough of Mass Effect 2 to ensure you have the most fun, enjoyable experience possible.

And there are no spoilers!

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WildArmed3188d ago

2-4 seem to be great tips.
Will keep those in mind.
Oh and the bonus tips sound interesting.
I'd like to see how they fit the plot when i get my hands on ME2

Myst3188d ago

Reading this while the game is installing and I must admit good tips. Since I haven't played through the game and they said that Shepard can die, I better keep these tips in mind :)

poopnscoop3188d ago

omfg will u gais jus quit it?

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bravenewgamer ur website is pathetic. i heard u were whining cuz planetxbox 360 called u out for sucking, but BS articles like dis just prove they're 100% correct. u call urself jurnulists? wat a joke.